I'm going to sign up for judo Monday

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    I'm not sure I understand... how exactly do you subdue the attacker? By continuing to throw them?

    WHat if a wrestler shoots and takes you down?
    In the end they are two different sports. I'm not flexible enough to do a lot of the things in JJ but can do most, if not all, of the stuff in Judo. And believe me, taking a forward throw is not fun, even on a mat! On the street if I threw someone with one they would be hurt or at least getting up real slow....and if your smart (if its a 1-1 fight) you can transition right to the ground from that throw.

    Also, double and single leg takedowns are legal "throws" in Judo so we learn to defend them. A lot of the younger guys at my club are former wrestlers so i see a lot of them.

    why compare them? Its like comparing basketball to football; they are different sports. Hell, most of the good grappler's i've met in Judo have BJJ backgrounds and there are some active BJJ people at our club cause they want to do something different....they are fun to play too cause they always try to pull guard from standing and if they do hit it they give me the win for the takedown....they learn real quick to stay away from the sacrifice throws.

  2. I train both, I just prefer BJJ overall. Actually I sort of mix them.

  3. I don't train in Judo but I do think it looks cool! I also think it probably has some very good street applications if you can apply a throw or take down even if you have to run afterward you will probably live, that is a win in my book.

    Poison, I agree with your comments the last place I want to be is on the ground pulling off a world class submission while some guys budy or girlfriend tees off on the back of my head. Unfortunately real world fights are rarely "fair", fair ends somewhere around Jr High.

    Just train hard, study the art you pick, read, listen take an interest in how it was designed and you will be able to kick most peoples ass within reason or at least get away alive.

    You are learning to fight which most people simply don't do, as well as developing your cardio and reflexes for fighting which is different than most sports. After a year or two in one art you can always start cross-training in another in which case your learning curve will be even shorter.

    It would be great to see more threads discussing what people have learned that applies/works when in a real confrontation than the "my martial art is better than yours" debates.

  4. info for new judo guy

    i have been doin judo for 13 years, i am 4o and can still hang with most of the younger guys, whats great about judo is you can do it forever, mma careers at high levels dont last long, also you should mix in some bjj, though judo has most of the same ground tecniques. stick with it , the more you do it the more you like it. good luck

  5. So far, I love it! It's a hard workout, people are very nice, and I get around 45 minutes of sparring every class. since it's judo, it's all 'full-contact', so it's great. It's a crash course in body mechanics and physics. The learning curve is steep, as you have hand movements, foot movements, and body position necessary for every throw, and you have to match that with your opponents movement. Good stuff, though. I think if I add in a striking art, or implement what I already know, it would be a dangerous combination.

  6. Well, I'm into my third month now. Interesting stuff, from many perspectives. It's not a huge sport in the US, but it's HUGE worldwide, and we get a lot of passers-through from other countries. WE also get some BJJ guys who want to improve their standup, and we just had a Mongolian world level sumo wrestler show up to train long-term, all 340lbs of him.

    Class is all business, but laid back with little traditional pretense, and they do push competition. If you compete, they demand that you win, none of this new-age 'everyone's a winner' bull****. We train hard, and fight hard, it's nearly an hour of fighting per class; 15 minutes of ground-fighting, 45 minutes of standup.

    I couldn't be more pleased. I'm slowly returning to my post-military lean, mean, fighting machine shape and mentality; my co-ordination and reflexes are improving, and I'm enjoying learning something totally new and different than anything I've ever done.

    I think a lot of people here would find it beneficial to whatever their game is.

  7. BTW, what do you do for cauliflower ear?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    BTW, what do you do for cauliflower ear?
    Have it drained. Its unprobable that you got it that fast though.

  9. It's not bad, but if someone tries to slide my ear off my head again, it may look nasty. My wife said 'eew'.

  10. Well, I still have the ****ing cauliflower ear. Doc put me on anti-biotics, and it looks like it may be subsiding slightly. Don't mess with the cauliflower!


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