Iron Ring

  1. Iron Ring

    Anybody else check this out last night on bet? It had really poor production value, but it actually had one decent fight as well as some pretty funny situations like the guy that didn't get called out and challenges everyone in the room.

  2. Is it on BET? I remember seeing something about it, it looked pretty ghetto. I'll check it out since it is fighting.

  3. Yeah BET, I'm not sure its regular time but it was on last night(tueday) at 11:00 pm est. It was on for two hours last night.

  4. I watched about an hour of this show a few nights ago. It is absolutely horrible in every way possible. Everything is disorganized and all the rappers/coaches are completely ignorant to the sport of MMA. TI is absolutely retarded. He is constantly doing the "I told you so", when he hasn't told anyone sh*t correctly. He's yelling out in a whiney Allen Iverson like voice "knock em out, come on man, triangle, triangle", meanwhile the guy has the other dudes back and is searching for a RNC. I could go on forever, please never watch this show.

  5. Its about the same as watching two bums fight over a crackpipe.

  6. I can't mentally afford to watch the show, but to anyone watching please let me know if one of the rapper coaches get beat up by a fighter. I'm banking on Crazy Horse to F up some loud mouth ignorant rapper.

  7. He told TI that he could knock him out but then laughed it off. It's just like watching that crap "So you Think You Can Fight."


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