In the blue corner...

  1. In the blue corner...

    Well, I intended to take some time off from MMA, but fate has decided a different route for me. I have a fight on May 3rd in the Rio Grande Valley and I am really looking forward to getting back in the cage (it will have been 6 months since my last fight by that time). The best part is that I don't have to diet for this one and I can eat whatever I would like until a few days before weigh-ins. Someone fire up "Sandstorm" because I'm about to go into battle. This is also my last fight before I have to renew my license and I start grad school in the fall. In other words, this may be my last fight for a this decade.
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  2. Alright man! Good luck.


  3. ^^^
    Ya damn right...
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  4. What is MMA without stomps/soccer kicks? Watered down, makes me mad, still good though. About time you got back in there, good luck man.

  5. Well, I have to withdraw from this event due to injury. My left fibula is in a ridiculous amount of pain. I can't bounce on my toes, shoot a double, throw lead leg kicks, or move laterally. I would basically be a sitting duck, so I decided to relinquish my spot on this card.
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  6. That sucks man, but it's the smart thing to do. Heal up and fight another day.

  7. Damn, that sucks. Are you gonna try to get another fight in before your hiatus, maybe this summer?

  8. Sandstorm still pumps me up to this day

  9. Quote Originally Posted by VolcomX311 View Post
    Sandstorm still pumps me up to this day
    Me too. In Rodja's help him pick an entrance song thread about 17 people thought otherwise.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Me too. In Rodja's help him pick an entrance song thread about 17 people thought otherwise.
    That's because they don't know what's up. I might try to pick up a fight in the summer, but there is nothing set in stone.
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  11. Sorry to hear that Rodja! Hope your leg gets better and quickly.

    And I was one of those 17 who didnt vote for a song that is almost 10 years old! You might as well have came out to the Top Gun Theme song!!!

  12. Homer Simpson came to "Why can't we be friends" and I thought that was hilarious.

    P.S. Sandstorm is still tight!


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