Any traditional martial artists here?

  1. Any traditional martial artists here?

    I couldn't think of another section to throw this in, and it's also a shot in the dark.

    I practice traditional chinese martial arts.

    Chi kung, taijiquan and hung gar style. I also have a background in northern shaolin.

    Anyone else study CMA ?

  2. Sort of ...

    I train in Kajukenbo which is a blend of Korean Tang So Do Karate, Chinese Kenpo, Japanese Jiujitsu/Judo and Chinese Chu'an Fa Kung-Fu.

    I test for my first degree this Friday.
    Recent log:

  3. ka - karate
    ju - judo
    ken - kenpo
    bo - chinese boxing

    Very neat indeed. Good luck with your test, I'm sure you will do fine

  4. My old teacher Mike Xay was teaching us something called cheeno(pronounced). It's like chineese jujitsu, it was really cool stuff it used less brute strength than jujits and more pressure point stuff. It's a style he doesn't think has even made it out yet, he's never seen anyone use it in the ufc or anything. He learned it from his uncle who was a commando in the laos military.

    Otherwise I do Kosen Jujitsu.

  5. I'm not too big of a fan of grappling...not my style. Sure I know enough of it from cross training when I trained in kenpo.

    I really like the Hung Gar style ... low stance, in fighting, locks, hard strikes ...

    I just finished with this form here: Lau Family Fist
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