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    Hey I started training for mma. what are some good supplements to be take for mma. Im looking to be able to maintain intensity throughout my workout but also not feel drained at the end of the session. any suggestions?

  2. SuperCarb and Beta Alanine are good choices. Also, expect to be tired at the end of your session; if you're not, then you didn't train hard enough.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. true that man. everythime im finish i feel like i ran 100000000000000000 miles and got my ass kicked by forest griffin, (happend be4 when i went to a seminar at the xyience center) not fun,

    rodja also said that some Xtend is good and maybe some drive and rpm

  4. yea dats true. i'd rather be drained from the workout tho than the supplement. thanks guys

  5. have you guys heard of cryogel? how's that product work?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by HaMmErHeAd View Post
    have you guys heard of cryogel? how's that product work?
    You finally posted biotch>>>J/K Cuz Glad to see you popped your posting cherry.

    Listen to Rodja he always gives good advice.

    Personally, for ANYTHING intense I love RPM/DRIVE, Bulk ECDY from Nutraplanet, and BCAA's.

  7. LOL. Hey i see that rpm and drive are on sale. I gotta try an see if i can get them before they go out of stock again


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