Wow, Rob Emerson is Trash

  1. Wow, Rob Emerson is Trash

    Rob Emerson Gangsta -

    He shows up in court at the end.

  2. How long ago was that?

  3. I have no idea.

  4. Wow, emerson was the dude on TUF right? What a bunch of d bags.

  5. I want to punch that father in the head. "The community didn't do anything". You didn't anything you tit!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dancebot 2000 View Post
    I want to punch that father in the head. "The community didn't do anything". You didn't anything you tit!
    I agree the community should of done something. They should of beat these d!ck heads until they were crippled. lol. My favorite part was "I cried at titanic" haha now hes going to cry when he's getting his ass reamed.

  7. well he wanted to be a tuff guy ,now he has to be a tuff prison.

  8. Saw this on another forum, but go to this website, Orange County Sheriff Department's Online Services and Career Opportunities., click on the top left section that says "Services" and then click "Who's in jail". It's this info below:

    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  9. Wow. he was my girlfriend's favorite on the last season of TUF, I can't wait to show her this.

  10. wow what a piece of ****. I'm sure he had it really tough growing up in south o.c. to turn out this way

  11. "Lords of South County" what a fuggin joke, rich kids playing gangster, now they get to serve time with true gangsters.

  12. Dumbo is a total douche bag. Him, emerson and the rest deserve the stretch marks on their asses they're gonna get in prison being someone's *****. 1 on 1 my 14 year old can kick their ass. Cried at Titanic? Please!

  13. He always came across as a guy who wants to look like a fighter and have the popularity of being a fighter but lacked any real heart or desire to win the belt. There is nothing wrong with that, I'm sure he scored a ton of chicks with all his partying and telling everyone he was a fighter. It was pretty obvious on the show though that he wasn't super dedicated.


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