Krav Magna, Lifting, Diet

  1. Krav Magna, Lifting, Diet

    I am 16 and starting krav magna this jan, i wondering if i should lift while doing KM its 4 times a week and lift and run on the other 3 days, what would my lifting rountie be like and i also want to become lean cut 15lbs and gain 8lbs of muscle what should my diet be based of between KM and lifting??

  2. Concentrate on body exercises. Pushups, pullups, dips(different hand spacing), roman decline situps, and many more body weight exercises. I grapple and endurance and ability to move my body repeatedly under stress is much more important than raw strength.

  3. At your age you can probably get away with eating whatever you want. But try to get plenty of protein. Mostly from chicken breasts, but eggs and lean beef are good too. I would take in plenty of carbs too mostly from whole grain sources like oat's, sweet potato's, brown rice. Everybody will tell you that though. There's plenty of info on here on diet and training.
    Good luck

  4. If you want to maximize your progress, you should not work out 7 days a week, even a 16 year old bod needs off days to repair and renew itself.

    You'll get bigger and badder, leaner and meaner until about age 25 anyway, once the height increases stop, the mass fills in as you go into your twenties, if you stop pulling your pud everyday that is. Just Kidding.

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