UFC 78 discussion thread

  1. UFC 78 discussion thread

    Well, Fisher has poor takedown defense as we all thought. Not sure why he would try a spinning kick to start the third. It seems like an invitation for a takedown. Edgarhas 3 solid wins now.

    Herman's standup is terrible. I'm pissed he got a KO on his feet which was just the result of El Dirte's conditioning failing him.

    Karo looked a little off but got the victory none the less. The Japanese fighters don't fall for the Judo stuff I've noticed.

    I heard that Houston had never trained with a training camp until 6 weeks before the Jardine fight so I'm not at all surprised that he got dominated like that. I don't know why he didn't swing for the fences though. I like Silva. He's a little cocky but in a fun way.

    Evans won rounds 1 and 3 for sure and the 2nd was close ( I gave it to Bisping). What's up with the judges in Bisping fights? Rashad landed a lot of nice, hard looking shots. Bisping seemed to not be too effected by them but still I thought Sugar might have won the overall standup. Bisping's TD defense has definitely improved. Mike needs to ditch those kicks that he takes 3 steps into before throwing them. They are so obvious.

    Slick submissions by Lauzon and Gono. Lauzon is really high energy and aggressive. I like to watch him.

  2. This event did not pan out. Every fight was decent, but not a single exciting fight, except Lauzon's minute fight. I can't believe Caudillo didn't smash Aurelio, upset of the year candidate.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Nothing terrible but a lot of blah.

  4. At least Bisbing lost!

  5. Bisping thought he won.........again. It was pretty close. I was expecting more out of Rashad. Bisping looked like he put on some quality weight though, maybe 6-7 pounds.

  6. Lauzon looked sick! That transition to RNC was smooth as hell!

    T. Silva was very impressive in following an intelligent gameplan. From what I understood of Silva's mistranslated Mickey's replay, he said his plan was to tire Houston and take him deeper into the fight. Houston is a sick brawler, but his ground game is novice, as many had expected.

    The rest of the night was a bit disappointing. Edgar's sick wrestling nullified Spencer. It is much better to see Edgar fight a fellow grappling wizard. The King is squirmy, but not good enough to sweep.

    I watched the fight with a friend who had never seen MMA before. He said that Bisping and Evans seemed far less skilled than the other fighters, and couldn't understand how they were the main event. His instincts are good; they had no business being there. I think they are outside the Top 10. Unless you put him vs. a can, Rashad, like Tapout, is bad for the sport.

  7. BTW, I considered betting Chonan and McCrory. Good thing I didn't.

  8. Rashad disappoints me every time. He struggles along with every fight. I really think that if put in with an elite at 205 he will get smashed, as obviously would Bisping.

    I was happy for Frankie Edgar as he proved he could handle some top guys at 155. It really was a lame card throughout, but glad Alexander lost as he was finally exposed

  9. well there went my conehead friend....

    I was hoping Bispring would get the pu5sy beat out of him...I was hoping he would just get owned.

  10. Damn, I should have put money on this card. I would have won a decent amount of $$, especially on the Silva.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. Houston's choke-slam.

  12. Houston aint weak.

  13. Gono's sub.

  14. Undercard fights:


    The others are linked on the right hand side.

    Lytle really came out aggressive and made this a great fight. I think that Alves' leg kicks might have allowed him to win a 3rd round if the fight wasn't stopped.

    Barn Cat vs. Gono was exciting too. The undercard fights really could have enhanced the event if they were all shown.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    Gono's sub.

    is that guy knocked out from that sub? wow! impressive.

  16. I think he laid there limp because his arm was messed up. He verbally submitted so he wasn't out.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Houston aint weak.
    No, he's not, and, I should have seen this coming, that's his weakness. His super power and aggressiveness got him into the Big Show, but when he can't power out of a bad situation, his lack of top tier level technique is outclassed, rather Hammer House Like.

    I think he would have been the victor in that fight if he had'nt clinched up and let it go to the ground, in a slugfest I think he would have beaten Silva.

    It's too bad he's 35, he may not have enough time left to hone his skills, but he is motivated, fit and intelligent, more so than non adaptative physical specimens like Randelman, we shall see.

  18. I'm back home visiting family, and I met one of Houston Alexanders muay thai coaches. He was a friend of a friend and has had 31 muay thai fights. He said that Houston was supposed to fight at a distance more than he did and that his striking from the outside is pretty decent. His kicks are really developing nicely and he has a good jab and straight right. He said that he spars with Houston a lot and that it is ridiculous how hard he punches and how explosive he is. He said that he basically walks around at 205 and that he only started training with them 2 months before the Jardine fight. That's all I remember as I'm .


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