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  1. Strikeforce - Post Event Discussion

    I only saw the alst couple of fights, but Overeem looked really good and just destroyed Buentello with knees to the body.

    Santiago landed some hard shots on Prangley. He's got some brutal knees as well.

    Cung Le put on another exciting fight. Complete domination in the first, dropping him with sidekicks and tossing him to the floor a couple times. He needs to work a little on finishing people after the knockdown. He always seems to hesitate.

    Thomson-Melendez was announced for March 29. I'm kind of pissed that it's so far away, but it should be really good fight. Jerry Millen works for Strikeforce now?

  2. I hope Salmon is OK. He should take a lot of time off, and maybe never return to MMA.

    Cung Le, IMO, will get dominated by Frank Shamrock. He looked better against Fryklund than Morgan, who IMO is an easier fight. That flashy crap scores big in San Shou, but in MMA it aint gonna work against a very good fighter.

  3. I heard the Salmon knee to the neck was purely brutal. Might want to reconsider a career after that

  4. I hate Frank, but even with bad knees, I gotta think he's going kill Le if they fight. If it hits the ground, which it will, Le is done, even if he starts in side control.

    I like the idea of Overeem at HW. He's so much bigger than any other LHW, and I always wondered if it was the cut that was doing in his cardio. He's young and has one of the best skill sets in the business.

    Poor Salmon. Wikipedia had on it for a bit that died in the hospital. It's wikipedia, so I'm assuming it's probobly some terd kid posting it as a joke, but I hope he's alright regardless.

    Santiago looked good.

  5. I agree that Frank should beat Cung.

    It looked to me like the Santiago knee missed Salmon or at best grazed him.


  6. I really doubt that Salmon has fully recovered from the KO by Rashad.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Overeem is a beast at HW!!! [IMG] ategory****2716&text=&image****3 8651&box=&shownew=[/IMG]

  8. Overeem made Buentello, a good fighter, look like an absolute amateur. Those knees to the body looked ruthless.

    I don't know what Salmon is thinking. He's fought 19 times in 2 years, and had another fight coming up in 4 weeks. All that fighting and hard training in a short time period means way to much rattling of that grey goop that keeps us ticking. If his career isn't over, I hope it is at least on a 9-12 month rest.

  9. Salmon needs to take at least 6 months off.


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