WEC: Dec 12, looking good!

  1. WEC: Dec 12, looking good!

    Paulo Filho vs Chael Sonnen (MW title)
    Urijah Faber vs Jeff Curran (FW title)
    Doug Marshall vs Areil Gandulla (LHW title)
    Jens Pulver vs Cub Swanson
    Micah Miller vs Chance Farrar

    With the addition of Filho defending his MW belt against Sonnen, this card went from decent to good. I think Sonnen will give Filho trouble. I still see Filho winning be decision though. I would've really liked to have seen Marshall defend his belt against Brian Stann, but oh well. Can't wait to see Jens at FW.

  2. Maybe I don't remember who Sonnen is, but I thought wasn't so great? Faber-Curran should be good and Jens will be fun to see as well.

  3. Sonnen is a pretty solid Team Quest guy. He has wins over Mayhem, Suloev, Prangley, Jason Lambert, he's also lost plenty to the likes of Horn, Babalu, and Terry Martin. He, like Filho, has won/lost mostly by decision, obviously we all like to see finishes, but I still think we'll see some really good grappling.

  4. Just a reminder that this event is tonight at 9

    lil evil

  5. You're out of my Hightower Death Squad that I was planning on starting, but I guess that you are already aligned with the Banana boys.

  6. Ah, this is the sacred original thread!!!!!!!

    Sonnen actually did quite well against Babalu until he succumbed to a sub...triangle, I think.


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