Brad "the Gogo dancer" Imes...

  1. Brad "the Gogo dancer" Imes...

    Brad Imes Wins By Second Straight Gogoplata
    By Jason Perkins | October 29, 2007

    Brad Imes Wins By Second Straight GogoplataThe following is provided courtesy of

    Brad Imes, the heavyweight runner-up on season two of “The Ultimate Fighter,” submitted Bo Cantrell with a first-round gogoplata at King of the Cage “Arch Rivals” Saturday at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nev. Imes (9-3) needed just 55 seconds to lock in the submission.

    The 6-foot-7 Imes has reeled off four consecutive wins – the last two by gogoplata – since he dropped a unanimous decision to Heath Herring at UFC 69 last April. None of his last four bouts has reached the second round; all four have ended with tapouts.

    Imes, 30, remains unbeaten outside of the UFC’s Octagon. Cantrell (10-10), meanwhile, finds himself on a four-fight losing streak.
    This is madness. Is Imes that good, or are the big guys BJJ incompetent?

  2. Haha. That's excellent. He must be fighting some fairly poor competition.

  3. I'm just impressed that he can even do a gogoplata.

  4. I am hoping he is the one chosen to fight Lesnar, since he has been talking crap for a bit already

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