MMA weight training routines

  1. MMA weight training routines

    Anyone that is active in MMA training can u let me know what ur workout routines are like. I have seen Rodja's.

  2. I have had to become inactive in MMA due to schedule and $$$$, but I hope to be back at it later in the year, and after buying a house and figuring out my payments. I can say that in the year I was training my physique and strength deteriorated. I just didn't have the time to lift and train MMA and eat well and do my job. I wasn't sleeping enough and basically became a zombie that would binge eat. I'm sure I could have done better, but I was basically overwhelmed in every aspect of my life.

    Getting your diet and training down with MMA is tough as hell. Good luck!

  3. I haven't done weights since last winter. I've been trying to cut weight. But I was doing a 3x3 program for strength only but I gained like 8 pounds in a couple months on it. I was doing some bar complexis before that.

  4. infinite intensity -

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