Is anyone going to the IFL in chicago on 11-3?

  1. Is anyone going to the IFL in chicago on 11-3?

    I am, it's going to be sweet! First on thursday I'm going to go train some BJJ at Dino Costeas's gym, Pow fitness. Hopefully I'll run into Arlovski there. Friday I hang out with my sister until she has to work. Then saturday's the fights. Sunday's my b-day, I get to go out to brunch with my sis and then fly back to minnie. Should be fun- I'm stoked!

    So is anyone else going?

  2. I considered going to the IFL with Ruas-Maurice Smith in Chicago but it was expensive as hell and I'm not into the IFL that much. It should be fun, though, and let us know if you meet AA.

  3. I'm visiting my sister in chicago this weekend. It's my birthday on suday, and the IFL is fighting at the sears centre on saturday night. So I thought it would be cool to come out here.

    Yesterday I had a busy day and I was hungover from going out with my cousin to the bar on halloween, then after I got back home he wanted me to add him as a friend on myspace so I did and then I think I wrote something dumb on roxannes blog. I feel stupid about it but I digress. Anyway's I'm trying to get over a cold and am hung over on 4 hours sleep I took the train to the airport. Got on a plane to chicago, found my way to the transit area and took a train to my sisters place.
    When I got off the train she was there waiting for me. I hadn't seen her since the 4th of july. So it's nice to visit. People here in chicago seem really nice. I actually think it's really cool here. So we went and got some lunch then I napped a little. Then Christine showed me how to take the bus to go to Dino Costeas's gym Pow fitness for some brazillian jujitsu. Dino was my sisters boyfriend and he is also a coach for Andre Arlovski and the IFL team the redbears. So I took his beginner class and intermediate class. It was the first time I had ever taken a bjj class. In the beginner class I got to grapple with his number 2 highest ranking student I forget his name now but he's about 5'8 215 just a huge upper body. He says he cuts to 185 to fight. It's like wow that's my weight. Anyways he was on all fours and I was trying to muscle him onto his side but gosh darn it I pulled a muscle in one of my ribs again. It was nowhere near as bad as the last time where I tore the muscle so bad my rib pokes out permanently. But I don't know whats going on, I must really need to work on my core because I can't be getting injured. So I'm grappling this guy and I got him in a triangle and tapped him out. I know he wasn't going 100% against me but with his build I figured a triangle would be the only thing I could get on him.
    So after that I went back to my sister's place and we went and had mexican food. Then we came back home and went to sleep.
    Today we went out to brunch, went downtown watched her shop, then we saw the movie American Gangster. People in the audience were applauding after that movie was over, that's the first time I've ever heard people applaud after a movie. So then we came back home ordered a pizza and just hung out for a little while. She had to go to work so here I am writing a blog.
    Tomorrow is the IFL my sister has to work but hopefully Dino can find one of his fighters who's going to give me a ride. I guess the Sears center is pretty far and christine doesn't have a car so that's why I need a ride

  4. Part 2 of my b-day trip Fight Night
    Well Saturday my sister had to work most of the day and night. So I was on my own, I read one of her roommates books then walked to a bookstore and browsed around at some zines then I got a sandwhich and got ready for the fights.
    Luckily Dino hooked me up with a ride. Melvin the big guy that I got a triangle on gave me a lift to some other guy's house which was on the way and then we all rode together in a Hummer. That was pretty sweet.
    When we were talking to some other students of dino's at the sears center,
    this one guy said he heard I triangle choked Melvin. I guess nobody triangle chokes him, I really had to work at it for a long time to get it. But
    then he says he didn't know I was experienced and was only being defensive with our grappling and that if he would have known he would have been more offensive.
    But thats cool.
    So the seats we purchased there were pretty good for only 35 bucks. We were located half way up the seats on the first level above the floor and about center on the ring.
    The first fight they had which wasn't aired on tv was probably the best. Benji Radach knocked Brent Barparlou out cold in about 2:30 of the first round.
    I have to give props to brent for taking some really good shots and staying in there.

    It was also really cool seeing all the coaches that I look up to. Guys like Renzo Gracie, Carlos Newton, Randy Couture, Pat Millitech. Not so much Frank and Ken Shamrock but it was still cool.

    The next day I went out to breakfast with my sister, came back and hung out, then I had to take the train back to the airport. My flight ended being delayed by over 3 hours for no reason at all.
    So I didn't get home till late. Then when I get home I find I got a citation for my dog and my roommates dog for not having licences and the fine was 200 bucks. We payed for licenses over a month ago
    when the dogs were in the pound, and they ticketed me for his dog when they know he's the owner. I guess I have to go to court over this one too.
    Today after work I got the court date for another fine of 200 bucks
    for having a dirt patch where the grass died in my back yard. I am constantly being harrassed by the city, it is such bull****. But guess what I'm not paying any of those fines, I can't afford it.

    In other news tommorow might be my last day of work for the season, and I am thinking of writing a screenplay for a zombie movie. Maybe if I write up some scenes I will post them.

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