TUF finale main event - Huerta vs. Guida

  1. TUF finale main event - Huerta vs. Guida

    This is a great matchup and a real test for Roger. I'd lean toward Guida at this point.

  2. I heard about this a few weeks ago when I ran into one of Huerta's friends at a bar in Austin. Huerta's wrestling will be the difference in this fight, but Guida will be a hell of a battle.
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  3. about time Roger fights someone that is good AND well rounded! ****! This will be a great fight.

  4. More than poor opponents, I think Huerta has fought less established opponents. This should be one hell of a war, and another candidate for fight of the night. I think Huerta is either over or underrated by most. Guida is an awesome fighter, so this should answer some questions about who is at the top of 155.

    I think Guida will take this one.

  5. I am taking guida on this one. I dont think Huerta is as good as is being shown right now



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