Kongo-Nog in Dec for top contender spot

  1. Kongo-Nog in Dec for top contender spot

    From the fight network:


    Heavyweight contenders Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cheick Kongo will square off Saturday, Dec. 29 at UFC 79 in Las Vegas, Nev. The winner will likely emerge as a frontrunner to become the next challenger to UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture’s throne.

    Nogueira (30-4-1, 1-0 UFC), one of the world’s most respected heavyweights, has never been stopped in 35 professional bouts. Two of his losses came at the hands of PRIDE Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko; the other two were by split decision to Dan Henderson and Josh Barnett.

    The 31-year-old Brazilian defeated Heath Herring by unanimous decision in his promotional debut at UFC 73 in July, though Herring nearly ruined his night with a first-round head kick. Nogueira has won six of his last seven fights.

    Kongo, meanwhile, will enter the fight on the heels of the most important win of his career, a unanimous decision victory over former PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix Champion Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic at UFC 75 in September. The French kickboxer is 6-1 over his past seven fights, the lone loss a split decision defeat to Carmelo Marrero at UFC 64 last October.

  2. This should be a great matchup for Nog given Cheicks limited/newly added ground skills.

  3. horrible matchup of kongo. he has no ground game ot speak of. Nog by armbar rd 1. I do have to say a Couture/Nog matchup could be a lot of fun to watch

  4. Nog will destroy Kongo. There will absolutely be NO upset in this match.

  5. The perfect way to cap off this ****ed up year in MMA, is for Kongo to blast Nog with a knee as Nog goes for the takedown, KOing Nog and ending the year the way it's consistently gone, with upsets. That said, Nog by Armbar.

  6. Nog by choke
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Since this is the year of the upsets, Kongo by KO round 1.

    Wandy versus a Baby. Baby by KO, round 1.

  8. Nog by omaplata or anaconda. You heard it here first!

  9. Ballsy call, Beo, predicting such an uncharacteristic method of victory for this fighter, impressive.

    If I were the UFC matchmaker, I would match Kongo versus Arlovski, Nog versus Gonzaga, and then pick the best performer of these two fights , and Vera_Sylvia, to be the next contender.

  10. Kongo's not really a top contender in my book. You have to have more if a ground game to be a force in mma these days. It's not like he even has that good of a sprawl.

    Randy would absolutely own Kongo. Nog-Randy should be great.

  11. Haha, like everyone else has said, Nog will absolutely win this fight. Nog is a no bull**** fighter, he's tough and consistent and his skill set will let him eat Kongo alive. He will box Kongo until it ends up in a clinch, from there it will go to the ground, at which point I give it about 2 minutes tops. I agree, arm bar for sure...

    Randy vs Nog will be an awesome fight, I think randy has the skill set to take it though... It'll probably end up looking a lot like the Nog/Ricco Rodriguez fight, except the decision will go where it's supposed to this time.

  12. Nog's gotta take this one. CroCop was taking it to Kongo on the ground for crying out loud. I don't think Nog should want any part of Kongo's standup kicks though. He should take him down and sub him quickly...and I think he will.


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