Anyone Read Tapout?

  1. Anyone Read Tapout?

    Fellas, do any of you here read TapouT Magazine or MMA Worldwide?

    I need to make some decisions soon about where to place some ads so I'm just curious if y'all read either of those.

  2. I've read one copy of each that I bought for a plane ride. I'd buy it more but I think it costs six bucks or something. Tapout did have some good training stuff, though.

  3. any attention to the ads?

  4. Yeah, but only b/c it is the only mag I have in the bathroom. I flip through it all the time.

  5. B*tchin'.

    Anyone else?

  6. I got a few of each. I think TO is where Id put my advertising dollar.

  7. they have both at the gym where i train so i read both of them.

    me personally i dont realy pay attention to supplement advertisements because most of the time all those mainstream brands are BS, thats why i go to the forums.
    But there are a lot of posers.. i mean people that wear tapout shirts and buy the magazine, so i would go with Tapout if you had to choose one. I think its more popular and established.

    Good luck! I am loving the sesathin!!!
    Also it might help if you sponsored some tottaly ripped fighters that faught on tv. Like Arlovski, and GSP, i would say Barroni but he is an idiot.

  8. Cool, thanks guys.

    Y'all might be seeing us in TapouT soon.


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