Boxing Champ Cintron Accepts UFC Challenge

  1. Boxing Champ Cintron Accepts UFC Challenge

    EDIT: I swear I searched first...I straight up overlooked Beo's thread (the title threw me off): Where's Savage At? Sherk vs. Kermit Cintron

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    In a prepared statement, Main Events CEO Kathy Duva announced that IBF World Welterweight Champion and former high school and college wrestler Kermit Cintron would like to step in and accept the challenge from UFC President Dana White that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has refused.

    After some negative comments about mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular by Mayweather, White threw out a challenge for the undefeated boxing champion to fight UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk in an MMA bout. Sherk’s weight class is defined at 155 pounds, while Mayweather’s most recent bout against Oscar De La Hoya was at 154 pounds.

    “I want the fight,” said Cintron. “I can wrestle. I can box. I can beat those UFC fighters at their own game. Tell Mr. White to make me an offer and I’ll take on his guy after I fight Matthysse...”

    Cintron is referring to a mandatory defense of his IBF title against challenger Walter Mattysse on July 14. The fight is scheduled to take place on the Arturo Gatti vs. Alfonso Gomez fight card on HBO.

    It’s not difficult to connect the timing of Cintron’s statements with the build-up for his fight against Mattysse in Atlantic City, N.J. It should be noted, however, that the IBF champ is also ranked the #7 welterweight boxer in the world by The Ring magazine, with a record of 27-1 (25 knockouts). He also competed in wrestling in college and finished 10th in the National Junior College Wrestling Championships.

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  2. Ha, no worries, this isn't sherdog. I don't think you have to worry about being gang sodomized for reposting.

    I read somewhere that Sherk isn't interested b/c he never heard of Cintron. I've never heard of him either, but it sounds like he could become a great MMAist.

  3. We'll see if this is just a copycat mayweather stunt. Considering he hasn't signed a deal yet, it appears to me to be just another hot air challenge that will disappear as soon as his PPV match is over.

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