SSF submission Academy

  1. SSF submission Academy

    Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that our school is up and running at 100% now. Our main instructor is Alex "Bada" Andrade from ATT. He is here full time and teaching the BJJ and MMA classes. Mikhal Caldwell (5 Times World Muay Thai Champ) will be in and out all year. We just installed our Throwdown Cage. If any of you on this forum are in the area, check us out for a free class or two on me.

    We are at
    812 College St
    Clarksville TN

    SSF Submission Academy

  2. What's a Throwdown Cage? Bada Bing to your Backside Ivey Doggie Style!?

  3. Throwdown is a brand name of a Cage company like the UFC uses.

    Ivey is no longer with us, our new coach is Alex "Bada" Andrade of ATT.

  4. Nice to see you escape the clutches of the Barnacle aka Savage and his Munchkin forum, Ron. Don't be a stranger.

    What's one of those bad boys cost with installation?

    In your professional opinion, generally speaking, which is harder to do, turn a decent standup man into a decent grappler or vice versa?

  5. I'm jealous. I wish I was in the area! I just got into MMA and started training jiu jitzu with a little bit of tai chi and I am loving it!

  6. The Throwdown cages way more then the other brands but we got a deal from Throwdown.


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