On Today's Topic of non sanctioned Fights,...

  1. On Today's Topic of non sanctioned Fights,...

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    Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Arrested in Miami (UPDATED)

    "A couple black guys, one who just did a 9yr stint in federal prison was totally disrepecting Baroni and his girlfriend….Baroni handled his business with the two guys, but ended up in the clink…gotta respect a man who takes up for his chick..

    One of the jackoffs, both who were walking and cat calling Baroni’s chick actually just walked up to her on the street and kissed her in front of Baroni and it was on.

    Nuff said

    Phil is out"

  2. Wow, they picked the wrong dude to f*ck with.

  3. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    too bad there isnt video....i would have paid to seen that.

  4. Phil Baroni's the "man"

    I love watchin him fight!

  5. While I do not like Baroni(due to his negative attitude in my opinion), I applaud him for not tolerating inappropriate behavior directed towards him and a woman.



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