Josh Koscheck Kicks A Fans A**

  1. Josh Koscheck Kicks A Fans A**

    Read the story about it on Koschecks page. It's not quite what it sounds like, but it's good for a
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  2. Wow, that guy had absolutely nothing to offer, nice try dickhead.

  3. Did you read the interview? This guy was serious about this too!

    Josh Koscheck vs. Fan - 03/30/2007 from Josh Koscheck's Myspace Blog.

    "Junkie: Thanks for granting me the interview. I'm sorry I missed your call earlier.

    Koscheck: No problem. Things got a lot a little crazy today. I had a video crew at AKA and had to fight this guy.

    Junkie: Wait. Are you serious?

    Koscheck: I swear to God.

    Junkie: Who was he?

    Koscheck: I don't know. Some clown from Los Banos, California. Him and a couple friends rolled up on some street bikes and came into the gym. We geared him up, and he fought me in Dickies jeans, and I about broke his arm. Don't worry. I'll have the video up on my Web site in a couple days.So yeah, I got some training in for Diego today. He thought he was a bad ass. It was funny as hell.

    Junkie: What did he say afterward? How did this even come about?

    Koscheck: The whole story is, basically, I guess I met this guy at some appearance. And he said, "Hey, I want to come up there and fight with you. If I beat your ass, I'll get in the UFC." I'm like, "Yeah, OK. Sure, I guess. Whatever. It's not like it works like that." So I blew it off, you know, and the next couple weeks, he started calling my kickboxing coach, Javier (Mendez). He's like, "Hey, is Josh Koscheck there?" He hands me the phone and I ask him what's up. The guy's like, "This is so-and-so." I don't even remember his name, and he tells me he's ready to come up there and fight me. "You're ready to come here and fight me," I said. "You know where the gym is, right? It's in San Jose. AKA. You can look it up on my Web site or their Web site." So the guy shows up today. I'm like, "Holy ****, this guy is ****ing getting it. It's on." We had him sign a waiver, Bob — "Crazy" Bob Cook — refereed it, and I about broke his arm with an armbar and about knocked him out. So yeah. That was pretty interesting. Fun day."
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  4. What an idiot! It did not look like he even had any training. it is increasing annoying to find how many people think they could compete w/o even having any training.

  5. When I first heard about this I thought it was going to be some ex-gold glover or somebody of that nature...I'm not sure if this guy had ever seen a fight, yet alone trained for one, LOL!

    Stupid or not, the guys got balls to get in the ring with a professional. Imagine if he would have done that with somebody like Tank Abbott. He wouldn't have put gloves on or given the guy head gear.
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  6. LOL...thats awesome. I thought it was a fan who was cool with him, not some jackass that thought he was tough. What a fool.

  7. he probably figured koscheck would treat it like a real fight and threw a few punches and laid on him for the rest of the time.

  8. It's not too unusual for youngsters to be this delusional.
  9. Smile


    -"I just wanna thank Josh for kickn' my @ss today"

  10. It's the same with with most people. They have these delusions of being able to last forever while fighting and don't realize how draining it is. Now that MMA has received such a national acceptance you have people all over thinking they can just kick ass and take names.

    I would of been hesitant to fight this guy even with a waiver signed. If there would of been serious injury or death I would imagine it would be hard to not get sued.

  11. I like how he drops his hands down, even to his waist! WTF? He set himself up for an easy round-house to the head. That kid has no ground game, and didn't land a single strike! He even completely turns his back towards the end of the fight!

    I'm 5'7" 155lbs, fat and totally unhealthy with untreated low testosterone/back/thyroid issues. Not to mention, I haven't trained in 2 years. I know for a fact I could kick that fan's ass no problem as is. He would have ate a hard sidekick and at least an axe kick to the face, holding his hands like that! DE DE DEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

    The kids effort was just pathetic, Josh K was being very nice about it though. I think the kid KNEW he would get his ass beat, and KNEW we'd laugh at it. "Cardio was a big factor" hahaha my ass.

    Lesson Learned:
    Knowing how to fight is the big factor, just because your uncle used to beat your ass doesn't mean you should challenge pro athletes to a fight unless you like pain. :P

  12. I am surprised that the kid was standing after that roundhouse. I don't think he had anything to offer but lasted longer than I thought he would. I also think the kid didn't get to show what he had against a regular guy. This guy would probably surprise alot of normal folks in a fight. If he came back a couple times a week to be Josh's punching bag, I would have to say "steer clear" of him. Just my 2 cents.

  13. I saw that a while ago, but I'm pretty sure Koschek was only going 50%.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf View Post
    I saw that a while ago, but I'm pretty sure Koschek was only going 50%.


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