Lawler-Trigg match via free live stream

  1. Lawler-Trigg match via free live stream

    It was announced on Tuesday by ProElite, Inc., the company that partnered with Showtime to produce EliteXC, that their online division will partner with Honolulu, Hawaii-based ICON Sport to broadcast ICON’s March 31st Epic event live on the Internet.

    Epic is headlined by the first title defense for Frank Trigg, the #7 ranked middleweight fighter in the world, as he faces Pat Miletich-trained fighter Robbie Lawler. Trigg won the ICON middleweight belt by stopping Jason “Mayhem” Miller at the promotion’s December 2006 event.

    Also featured on the Epic fight card are former middleweight champion “Mayhem” Miller and Renato “Charuto” Verissimo.

    Visitors must register (for free) on ProElite » Home to view the event, which is expected to include live video streaming of the fights, real-time polling, photos, and more.

  2. Damn, that's pretty cool.

    I think Triggy is going to stomp the stank out of Lawler.

  3. Always love watching Ruthless bang, hopefully he can get the KO on Trigg.

  4. Reminder that this is tonight at 1:30 ET. Sign up using the link in the first message if you're interested.

  5. Damn, is that site a mess for anyone else? It is slow as hell and not letting me log in.

  6. yeah, me too. It's pissing me off.

  7. I have no sympathy for either of you, one ditched his P2P membership, the other abandoned it after screwing up his ratio. Boo Hoo, *****es. That's the last time I cast my pearls to you swine.

    Apologize, I'm just warming up for maybe elsewhere, later.

  8. Yessss. Ruthless scores a devastating KO against Trigg. How can anyone not like watching Lawler fight, dude is pure excitement. MMA is as unpredictable as ever as of late. Except for one thing which is stated below.

  9. Trigg/Lawler- those 2 gents were completed exhausted near the end of the fight. Neither one could keep their hands up.

  10. Here's a link to the last round.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Glad to see Lawler won. That was a nice combo he caught Trigg with.

    So who hits hardest at 185. Lawler, Baroni, Hendo, or just for fun Lee Murray (throw in any others I forgot)?


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