Dana White Interview from CBS.COM

  1. Dana White Interview from CBS.COM

    Thought you guys might want to check this out.
    BOXING - CBS SportsLine.com

    Looks like we are getting UFC 70 for free. I'm looking forward to a lot of the main event bouts:
    CC vs. Gonzaga
    AA vs. Werdum
    Machida vs. Griffin
    Bisping (he hasn't let us down yet.
    Silva vs. Kongo could be good, too.

  2. I actually thoroughly enjoyed that interview. I remain firm in my opinion that Dana White is a douchebag, but he was fairly forthcoming (whether or not his forthcomingness was honesty or not is another question) in his statements.

    On the UFC 70 note, I would bet dollars to doughnuts it's free solely because he expects some backlash for 69, that card looks weak.


    I liked Bisping's last fight, but he looked very rusty, and sloppy with his takedown defense. Let's hope that it was simply due to ring rust, and all the legal wrangling he underwent to fight in the States.

  3. I really enjoyed the interview, as well. Sure, Dana's a **** but he's The Peoples' ****!

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