Bad news, my opponent dropped out

  1. Bad news, my opponent dropped out

    2 days before the day of the fight. I've been training hard going all out on every workout. What a dissapointment.

    I shaved my head for no reason. I kind of like it though.

  2. What a letdown. You scared him away.

  3. Sorry man.

    He was obviously skerd-a-ya'.

  4. Does the org. try to fill the last minute slot with anyone?

    A guy from my gym had only been training for 2 months when he took his first fight. His opponent dropped out 2 days before. He wanted to fight regardless. He ended up fighting an undefeated golden gloves boxer who was also 6-0 in MMA. He actually hung in there till decision. Pretty amazing feat in itself, but clearly a less than ideal matchup.

  5. Man that sucks

  6. Beo, Yes they still want me to go. This one guy who's doing muay thai opponent dropped out. My coach is going to see if he wants to do muay thai with me, I outweigh him by like 30 pounds though. So I don't know if thats going to happen.

  7. Heh, this reminds me of KOTC. A friend was supposed to fight but his opponenet dropped out two weeks before the fight. But KOTC fails to inform us so few we only learn of this two days before the fight. But fortunately someone else dropped out so there's a potenital match-up but the guy had 20lbs or so we thought. He couldn't even make 205, came in at 221 so it was actually a 36lbs difference so we declined.

  8. What can I say, that really sucks. Hopefully you'll get to fight someone.

  9. Your reputation clears a path before you.

  10. Well guys I thought I'd update. The whole fights were almost a disaster. My coach who was also the promoter never showed up and nobody could get ahold of him. We are all worried something bad must have happened to him.
    A bunch of the fighters never showed up either. It looked like the fights weren't even going to happen. But then a couple guys from my gym stepped up and started putting matches together. We wound up having 5 matches. They set up a match for me with a guy who was about my size but I weighed more so his team declined the match.
    The only other guy around who was my size, well he's actually bigger and just ripped. He's practically a pro at Muay Thai and nobody was going to let me fight him at Thai. But I heard around the camp fire that he has been doing some combat submission wrestling so I asked if he wanted to do a mixed type match but without any kicks and punches to the face. He probably looked at me and thought it'd be an easy fight so he agreed. Well it turned out to be a pretty good match. I almost choked him out in the first round, he was just barely breathing kind of gurgling but I ran out of juice in my arms so I let it go. Anyways the fight wound up being a draw.
    If anyone still wants to see it I had my friend tape it. I just have to use my friends hi speed internet connection to post it because I don't have that yet.
    Peace out

  11. That's too bad it didn't come together perfectly, but cool that you got to fight. Sounds like you did pretty well. Congrats.

  12. nice man it takes balls to fight in front of a crowd

  13. I uploaded the video to youtube on my dialup. It took all night but I just went to bed. I don't know how long it takes them to review it before the vid is viewable. I tried to use the code to imbed it on here but that didn't work so here is the link they gave me.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Dave vs. Andrew[/ame]

  14. You may know all this already and I understand that competition is much different than training. From the bottom, work on escaping your hips and not staying so flat on your back. Also from the back mount, flatten your opponent out rather than riding on his back.

    Glad you were able to compete, best of luck in your next fight.

  15. That's all stuff I know. Too bad I didn't have any jujitsu guys to help corner me. I could have had somebody come help, but I didn't know If I'd even be fighting.
    That third round when he had the mount and I just stayed there, my head was way under the ropes. It was like what could I do the ropes are in my way. I was asking the ref if we could move to the center.

  16. So what happened your coach?

  17. I don't know. I saw him today and I asked what happened but he must not have heard me or he was busy with other people.


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