Liddell Falls Asleep During Interview!!!

  1. Talking Liddell Falls Asleep During Interview!!!

    Looks like Chuck got into Anna Nicole's methadone!

  2. He is a big fan of the ol' fire water, isn't he? Probably had too much, went to bed, slept for a couple of hours, then in for the interview.

    Good thing it wasn't on national TV. Not a good image to send across the country.

  3. That's hilarious. He really is insanely calm. A lot of people wouldn't be able to sleep before a live interview, but not b/c of carousing

  4. pure comedy. apparently, according to his trainer, Chuck took "too much Nyquil." Even better is the fact that Chuck "routinely goes to bed around 4 am and gets up around noon." As if that beer gut isn't a dead giveaway...

  5. damn M1t!

  6. hahaha good stuff!! It would be funny if things like that happenedd more often with some other mainstream celebrities as well...

    I'd be too scared to wake him up, just in case he was having a bad dream and woke up swinging!

  7. That's crazy he's def hammered there.

  8. OMG that was funny as hell.

  9. I bet he dosed some G to be relaxed and took a little tooo much... sounds exactly like a slight G overdose

    I've seen that exact same thing happen with G

  10. what a train wreck that was!!!...thats bad...i couldn't even understand what he was saying

  11. Chuck better watch out. At his age, partying will wear him out, much more so than it would at a younger age, and someone who is really not better than he is will beat him because of it.

  12. The UFC champ told via text messaging that he is very ill and had taken "NyQuil too late."

    "I couldn't understand a thing [Liddell] was saying," GMT host Gary Cogill said later for a video piece on the WFFA Channel 8 Web site.

    "He takes a lot of Nyquil when he's sick," said Liddell's trainer, John Hackleman. "He goes to bed at 4 a.m. and wakes up at noon, so if they got him up in the morning I can see how he'd be like that."

    During the interview, Cogill interjected and asked Liddell if he was OK. Later, Coghill said Liddell momentarily fell asleep.

    "I've seen him really close to that before," said Hackleman.

    During the conversation with Cogill, Liddell was asked when his next bout would be and whom he would like to fight. "The Iceman" answered that he would return to the Octagon in May. Stammering to recall the name of an opponent, he eventually mentioned boxer Tommy Morrison.

    Asked about Morrison, Liddell told that he was "joking" about the Rocky V star several days ago. Forced to retire from professional boxing after testing positive for the HIV virus in 1996, Morrison was in the news recently after tests no longer showed any traces of the virus known to cause AIDS. Morrison boxed in West Virginia Thursday, Feb. 22, winning by knockout.
    I guess Nyquil can **** you up. I seriously doubt Chuck gets hammered that often and stays one of the most dominant professional athletes in the world. Maybe he had too much tequila, I know one shot for me and before I know it i'll wake up like that with the intentions of having a few drinks.

  13. Another update on the Liddell sitution. Dana White flew down to Texas today to see how he is doing. Apparently he has had pneumonia , which my brother had last month. The opening post on this threat is appropriate, being pnemonia killed Anna Nicole. Dana said hes going down there to beat whoever let him on the show with a ****ing stick. Chuck has been pretty sick, and he wasnt hammered like Danny Devito's stupid left wing hollywood midget ass was on The View. He maybe was knocked up on Nyquil or something, but trust me, you dont drink when you have pneumonia. Me and my bro love to drink, but those couple weeks he had it he didnt even have the energy to play xbox. Here's a link to Dana's post UFC 68 video.

  14. i don't know about you but I'm sure if anyone else was soooo whacked on NyQuil that they couldn't function they wouldn't do an interview. And we all know how good Nyquil is at combatting pnemonia. Dude, I've taken some Nquil and a few perks and a few beers and I don't think I was ever like that. Now on to the point. Only someone with a problem can't see that they have one. i've been around friends who were addicted to pills and they would walk around all day mumbling and acting the fool and they thought they were fine. What i saw is a person with a pill problem..seriously. Unless he hasn't slept for 3 days. Sure wish i could have seen those pupils.

  15. Dana's interview on Sherdog was hilarious. With everyone so concerned about the image of the sport, Dana was not being overly professional there. He is funny, though, threatening to beat people with a stick. He was very harsh in very general tones about Chuck's people. I assume his trainer is one of the people that was directed toward. His lines about PRIDE were classic, and to some degree accurate (ie Sakuraba comments).

  16. Maybe Chuck does have Pneumonia, this time, otherwise it's common knowledge in Vegas that the Iceman drinks heavily and possibly uses other things. The former I've witnessed, I've seen him ****faced at the Bellagio.

    Yeah, that's just one time, but no amount of spin by his handlers will hide the truth from the floor personnel in Sin City, they know, he parties hardy.

    I drink there too, often to excess, but I'm not pretending otherwise.

  17. He was is Dallas wasn't he?

  18. NSAC tested Chuck after this fiasco! He passed.

    “I had pneumonia and a fever,” Liddell said.

    The fighter said he was out late, then took the prescription sleeping pill Lunesta and an over-the-counter dose of Nyquil before waking early to make the television appearance, which can be viewed on YouTube.

    “I needed six to eight hours of sleep and only got three,” Liddell said. “They should’ve never got me out of bed.”

    Following the rambling, often incoherent discussion, Liddell said he was ordered off the promotional road by UFC President Dana White, and was subsequently subjected to a random drug test by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Keith Kizer, executive officer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Liddell passed the drug test.

    “He’s been tested several times and has never ran afoul of our tests,” Kizer said. “Chuck was in a weird state on that show. I don’t blame people for being concerned about him, but he silenced his critics.”


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