Pride 33 Picks Contest!

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  1. I'm thinking of changing Wand/Hendo to rd4 but I think Silva might come out blazing trying to rid himself of his last fight.

    Ron is a good guy and I've bought some MMA gear from him and his customer service is amongst the best in the business and everything is shipped in a timely manner.

  2. The results are in!! And the winner by a cu*t hair is...............Rogue Drone........resident a**hole..........just kidding. Enjoyed the call out on Ivey, it's nothing personal you're just speaking the obvious truth.

    1. Rogue 16 points RD 3 3:20
    2. Brass Monkey 16 points RD 3 3:21(thats gotta sting)
    3. Sir Savage 15 points
    4. Mister Eze 14 points
    5. Alexander 12 points
    6. Ersatz 11 points
    7. Rodja 10 points RD 2 3:00
    8 SSF Gear 10 points RD 2 3:45
    9. Size 10 points RD 2 4:00
    10. And in the absolute cellar..... (in G-man voice) Jas.....123...123.....123 9 points

    Everybody rep Roguester.

  3. Hahaha. Yeah I knew it was going to be bad for me. Congrats to the guys who saw the Diaz upset coming and Trigg dominating Misaki. Reps are headed your way Rogue when I can give them.

    Maybe I should give up on MMA, man. When my favorites fight, I'm a nervous wreck. The worst was Crocop-Wandy. That was near anxiety overload.

  4. I've still been trying to rep Alexander from the last time, can't get back to him yet, now I'll have more rep cred to hit him with.

    That 3:20 was a strategic ploy in relation to Brass Monkey, you guys left the back 53.3 % of the fight avaliable, and I liked what I saw of Hendo in the weighins carrying the extra weight and his confidence, and Wandy looked wrong like I described in the MMA America thread.

    Still though the Mad Dog would prevail, but not quickly.

    Blah, blah, blah, the benefit of hindsight, haha....

  5. ouch second place the story of my life

  6. Goddamn, I knew I should have changed my Diaz pick to submission.

  7. thaks for the reps MREZE it makes that one second sting a little less

  8. Quote Originally Posted by brass monkey View Post
    thaks for the reps MREZE it makes that one second sting a little less
    not a problem...Rogue, your reps are on the way once I can spread some around...what a hassle!

  9. I think we're going to have ongoing difficulties repping the winners of these contests, since we all rep each other often in this subforum.

    I just thought of a possible solution, it's odd but it might work and be generally more effective and less troublesome overall.

    The winner of a contest would set up a email address somewhere, in order to set up a new poster, called the name of the contest, in this case, "Pride 33".

    They would then start a thread, with a clear explanation of it's purpose and lay in the requisite twenty five posts, anything, just the same thing over and over, in that thread that are necessary for a poster to be able to get repped.

    The other contestants would then rep the new poster, and after all hit him/it with rep points, the new poster would rep his controller,the real winner, transferring his rep points to the winner. At least a large portion of them, I don't know if all would transfer or not.

    Afterwards, the dummy thread is deleted, and the new poster is never seen again.

    Weird, yeah, workable? It's not as ungainly as it might sound, I could whip this together in a few minutes, with a explanation that could be sent by me to the winner by PM for their use each time.

    Anyone have an alternative idea(s)?, cause I think this current process of individual reps is going to become increasingly difficult as we do more and more contests.

    Or maybe we should just do this without rep points?

  10. Great event and congratulations Rogue.

    Picking the favorites would have resulted in serious financial losses and a bottom finish in this contest just look at my placing.

  11. It sounds like an elaborate plot Rogue, but I think it actually would be pretty easy to implement. I like the reps as reward especially since last time I checked Ray Sausage had more than me.

    Fire up that UFC 68 contest when you get a chance too.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by size View Post
    Great event and congratulations Rogue.

    Picking the favorites would have resulted in serious financial losses and a bottom finish in this contest just look at my placing.

    No doubt, betting all the favs would have resulted in about a 40% loss.

    I still believe it works decently over a period of time, and from a fan's standpoint, thankfully it's does'nt work everytime, that would be boringly predictable.

    A heavy, heavy favorite like Little Nog at -2000 , at -2300 earlier in the week, which is an insane proposition to play anyway, losing, that's entertainment!

  13. Rouge good idea i think the concept will work.
    now shhh and let the evil genius work on his next plan

  14. Actually, I don't think it works well.

    I only got 223 more rep points after P33 hit me with 4 posts at a ~3500 rep points, must be a time on board thing.

    Not recommended, but it was worth a try, win some, lose some.

    Onward to "The Uprising"!

  15. I think I just blasted Rogue 1 and 2 with rep points. Victory is yours.

  16. hey at least you had some fun with the alter ego

  17. Just rep me and the rest of the Avant crew until it lets you rep Rogue again.

  18. Diaz tested positive Marijuana. Hope they don't suspend him for too long, but his orbital will take a while to heal anyway.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by brass monkey View Post
    pure comedy!

  20. Oh no, drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Save the children.


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