MMA and Bodybuilding?

  1. MMA and Bodybuilding?

    Looking for help or advice in balancing the two.(MMA & BB) Have background in powerlifting and have since been bodybuilding for the last few years or so. I will be joing a MMA gym soon and am skepticle as to whether I will be able to keep up with my current weight training regimen and have it be successful with the addition of MMA. I am wondering if all weight training done in addition to this extra workout will be simply maintenence or can it be balanced out. Here is my current split if the info helps: 3 0n 1 off, 1.back 2.quads 3.chest 5.shoulders 6.hamstrings 7.arms More interested in training advice than supplements or nutrition. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. It is really tough to do both. Being serious about one is going to hamper the other unless you are just a seriously genetically gifted individual.

  3. You will not be able to keep your current volume and train MMA. Cut your sets by about 30-40%, and focus on compound, strength building movements. Cut out all of the aesthetic exercises and train 3-4 times a week. Your cardio will be the hardest thing to develop, but eventually, you will learn how to conserve your energy.

  4. I was in the same boat about 5 months ago, and I can tell you that for me it has been impossible to do both consistently. One is always suffering. Of course, I'm extremely busy outside of my training, so fitting anything in these days is tough. If you're young and have limited responsibilities you may do pretty well with it. Age, avg. hours sleeping, etc will also play a role.

    My one physical, genetic gift is cardio, so I never had any problems in that dept. Breathing properly is the only real challenge.

  5. You can't train both hard at the same time. It's just not doable really. What you can do is train BB and work on technique several hours a day without going crazy on conditioning for a month or so, then cut your lifting volume down and go crazy on conditioning for a month and alternate back and forth with that.



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