I Rolled with a BJJ Black Belt Today

  1. I Rolled with a BJJ Black Belt Today

    Goddam, it was impressive. We have a new instructor who is a BTT black belt and won the NAGA no-gi absolute last year. He beat Joe Lauzon, who is a tremendous ground guy (which we haven't gotten to see yet), and was also a state champ in Brazil. I rolled with him for about 5 minutes today, and it is amazing how fluidly a good BJJ practitioner can flow from position to position. He was letting me pass all the way to side and before I knew it I was mounted. I think he could have tapped me 15 times in that 5 minutes. He was pulling out crazy subs I had never seen before. At every turn, I was in trouble, until he let me go and just slapped on something else. He must have set up 4-5 triangles alone. This experience really made me want to focus on my BJJ.

    Anyone else rolled with someone of this caliber?

  2. I have rolled with a brown belt before and it was a very humbling experience. He was very fluid with movements and he latched onto an arm and continually broke my posture. I never felt comfortable at first, but I noticed that he leads with his head and I caught him with a guillotine (cheesy I know). I think just pissed him off because he caught he in about 10 submissions in about 10 minutes. I forgot how much an omoplata hurts...

  3. Ha! This guy was nice and clearly cognizant of the fact that I'm a newb. He didn't crank anything. He basically just showed the subs. I actually escaped an omaplata, but he caught me in another one about 30 seconds later. He used rubber guard at one point too. I was like

  4. Yeah I got in a spider guard at one point and I dont even roll with a gi. Advanced BJJ guys usually have such a good grip and that is the thing that I struggle with. I dont have great grip and my hands are knida small so I have trouble with kimuras and triangles.

  5. Why would small hands complicate a triangle? Or do you mean an arm triangle? BTW, do you smell like cabbage? Carnie?

  6. What was his name? bas rutten came to my town for King of the cage, he trained at our local club showing us some moves. i never rolled with him but the conclusion would be obvious. He is a great guy good natured and left the voice message on my buddies cell phone it says " hey this is bas rutten, leave a message bc if you dont ill punch you in the liver, alright leave the message." he said he can bench 600 pounds what a freak.

  7. ...
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  8. I went to a seminar in which oleg taktarov taught about 5 years ago for russain sambo and he wanted to show how he likes to unmount his opponent. So he picks me to mount him and he says he want's me to go as hard as I can to just stay on top. If I wanted to I could try to submit him or whatever. took him 10 seconds to have me on my back perpindicular with him and in an excrutiating ankle lock.

  9. I have been fortunate enough to roll(no gi) with a black belt in jiujitsu more than once. While it is rather disheartening at points, it is also amazing how fluidly one can transfer positions and control. Definitely a good learning experience for anyone interested in grappling.

    Rubber guard is a good approach to no gi and vale tudo training. It takes alot of flexibility to develop a good one.
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  10. Yeah, I think I'll be able to roll with this guy a couple of times per month. I can't wait. Getting schooled is fine, as long as you take notes

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Why would small hands complicate a triangle? Or do you mean an arm triangle? BTW, do you smell like cabbage? Carnie?
    I have trouble securing the arm to begin the triangle; arm triangles is actually my favorite choke to do and I catch a lot of people with it.

  12. Ahhh, I get ya. I was thinking securing the shin might be an issue. You should inquire about modifications. There are usually a lot of options available.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja
    I have trouble securing the arm to begin the triangle; arm triangles is actually my favorite choke to do and I catch a lot of people with it.
    I've always had a pretty decent grip, but one thing that MADE my grip is pinch gripping for time with something thick. I use 2 -45# plates and try to beat my time every successive workout. Your thumb and 4 fingers should be on the blank side of the plates. You may have to start with 25's and work your way up.

  14. We have a guy that comes in and trains at my jujitsu school 1-2 times a week. He doesn't have any belt but he's awesome. Last year he won in the advanced division in his weight class at the pan am games. He came in like second or third in the absolute division.

    My triangles have gotten alot better from wrestling with him and seeing how he does them. He'll hold your wrist with the hand on the same side, and then reach over with his arm from the other side and grip behind your elbow. He'll give you a tug with both arms like that pulling you down and then boom he's got his legs around you for a triangle.
    I don't know if that helps but I've been able to tap out some really good guys setting it up like that.

  15. I've rolled with Renzo, Roger, Rolles, Igor, Serra, and damn near every Renzo black belt and George St. Pierre. Rickson and Royler as well. It is amazing to see all the different types of good guys and how they roll and win in different ways.
    It basically got me out of lifting so much and into BJJ.
    I've finally got up to purple belt but the black belts still destroy me. Anyway, I really love BJJ now. I still use weights and do conditioning but I do them as an ancillary to BJJ. I'm back over here checking out some supps as I go on a quest to cut some fat.

  16. Oh and I hear you on the omoplatas. They 'miss' one but then they get another right away. And the rubber guard is definitely for real. I'm not the biggest Eddie Bravo fan but that guard is brutal. I just started to feel it's wrath as my current coach is using it.

  17. Its a nice and humbling experience. I grappled with a black belt in spring semester of last year, and all I can say was that the guy knew what he was doing. At the time I was around 225, and he was only about 135-140lbs lol, but the kid held up his own. He got me in all kinds of amazing moves that I havent seen many other grapplers even attempt to do, although many of the moves he con't finish due to the sheer weight/strength advantage. lol i remember he almost had me in a real good tri choke, until i slammed the hell outta him on the pad, and took his anchor leg it bent it behind his head. Despite that he still scwormed outta of it. He was very good and anyone who can grapple with someone 2 times their size, and probably 3 times stronger is a BA in my book.

  18. scrappy are you a renzo student

  19. One time I rolled so hard I killed a man.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by scrappydog View Post
    And the rubber guard is definitely for real. I'm not the biggest Eddie Bravo fan but that guard is brutal. I just started to feel it's wrath as my current coach is using it.
    Many traditional jiujitsu guys do not want to give up using the gi so they do not like the ideas associated with the rubber guard and Eddie Bravo. However, it is a very effective technique and works well(especially no gi) and it is great to see that you and others are using it.

  21. I happen to think the rubber gaurd works well under certain conditions. Although I have a slight advantage being alot stronger then guys my size, breaking bigger guys down is not the easiest and requires great technique and patience. Since I dont have either I just dont use it on bigger guys.

  22. I have rolled with a few bjj brown belts. (one is fighting in ufc 67)
    I must say that strength will not help you when you roll against someone of that caliber. I am a blue belt who got held back from a knee injury. After returning to bjj and such I was getting owned by people I use to toy with. Since returning I have held my own with some purples and browns but still got beat.

    The main thing with bjj is consistency. If you miss a few weeks you will definately notice a difference. (especially in cardio) The only thing you can do with brown belts and above is defend and learn from getting beat. Getting tapped out is the only thing that has ever improved my game!!!!


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