what to eat and take before grappling match

  1. what to eat and take before grappling match

    Ok i have my first grappling tournament on saturday, and i am pondering 3 things...

    1. what to eat the night before ( i hear chicken and pasta)
    2. what to eat before the match (matches start at 10 a.m. and weigh ins are at 8.am - 11a.m.)
    3. if i should drink an energy drink before the matches (ive read that studies show caffeine increases endurace)

  2. sorry for the late post. but i always eat pasta and a powerbar before grappling. its what most of the guys in my gym do. i can ususally last alot longer if i do that.

  3. Id eat high protein low glycemic meals day before and some sort of stimulant before grappling.

  4. Are you trying to make weight or anything?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted
    Id eat high protein low glycemic meals day before and some sort of stimulant before grappling.
    i actually already competed, but u said stimulant before grappling? like an energy drink right? with lot of caffieine.

  6. Hey thats what id do, due to bbing being my main physical activity in the past i found my endurance was a problem as well as excruciating pumps. CAffeine is a vasoconstrictor and therefore limits pump problems and for me helped greatly with endurance and stamina.

  7. I thought someone posted in this forum about EC, etc, making people gas quickly. Maybe that is just for MMA. I'm guessing gassing is less of a problem in pure grappling.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    The problem with Ephedrine is that first time jitters equals release of Adrenaline, Ephedrine amplifies that, and it's hard to time an Adrenaline kick so that one does not run into the post adrenaline weakness.

    My advice is to let the Adrenaline take care of itself, and look to sustaining versus stimulating supps like Taurine, ALCAR, Peak ATP (my personal favorite), etc. in one of the specialized blend drinks or combo powders.
    This man knows his supps.

  9. I play rugby, football, hockey, jiu jitsu all on kre alkalyn and now horsepower instead. If im tired or low on cals i go for the C2 by usp. Ive never gassed in jiu jitsu but did once after 5 sparring sessions the first time i went to the local MMA club. I took EAS pre race fuel and it had 400mg caffeine and it made me cramp bad so i discountinued, 200 mg is plenty for me to maintain therapuetic range.


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