My second ever NHB fight(backyard brawl)2002

  1. My second ever NHB fight(backyard brawl)2002

    I found my fight on the internet, back from the days of HS. (Those where the days)
    Back in those days i was around 190ish. (*I'm the guy in the MT shorts and Gloves)
    Anyways for the full story behind the fight

    We wrestled on the same team, and i was sorta a outside(but on the same team) because i used judo and throws alot. Well he was sorta the bullie or tough guy on the team and because i didnt bow down to him like everyone else. We had to wrestle hard vs each other to prove something. Long story short he got the take down on me and i was trying to strimp, he went for toe hold*not even knowing what he was doing* I asked? "WANT TO PLAY SUBMISSION'S?" He smiled and i assumed this was a yes, so i armbarred him. Well he didn't have a clue how to tap and i nearly broke his arm off, he screamed like a girl and we didnt talk to each other the rest of the year.

    Now senior year comes and he tells everyone at a poker party that during wrestling practice, he made me cry by doing a wristlock or something of the other on me and made me beg for mercy. Luckly half the people at the poker party also happen to be on the wrestling team and knew me. There respones was
    "Umm i've never seen him cry ever, let alone beg to anyone" . He said something along the lines " WELL IT HAPPEN". But of course i heard this and being Highschool and having a EGO the size of mount rushmoore. I told him if he's as tough and savage as he is proclaiming. THEN DO IT AGAIN, but lets do it under NHB Vale Tudo rules.

    I didn't expect him to auctually want to go, next thing i know this happen. - Back Yard Brawl, Hell of a good fight


  2. So which are you and why is one guy gloveless?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by flytrapcan
    So which are you and why is one guy gloveless?

    The smaller guy wearing gloves, also there was alot of confusing about rules and what we were suppost to wear.

    Some how it ended up with me in gloves and him wearing shoes no gloves.

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