View Poll Results: Who will win the Bushido Welterweight GP?

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  • Denis Kang

    4 57.14%
  • Paulo Filho

    3 42.86%
  • Akihiro Gono

    0 0%
  • Kazuo Misaki

    0 0%

Pride Bushido WWGP Finals

  1. Pride Bushido WWGP Finals

    Anyone else looking forward to this as much as I am? I can't believe its on delay until November 12 though. I'm personally pulling for Dennis Kang to take the tourney...but my gut says Filho via LnP. The entire card is looking to be amazing.

    Kang/Gono - DJ Cosmo will win the pre fight dance off but Kang takes this one in brutal fashion.

    Filho/Misaki - Misaki may have beat Henderson but Filho is quickly rising to the top @ 185. Total domination by Filho.

    Finals...Kang/Filho - Filho won't stand with Kang but Dennis is no slouch on the gorund. This one ends in a sub by Kang or decision by Filho.

    Gomi/Aurelio II - Lets see if Aurelio can take Gomi out when the belt is on the line. For some reason I think Gomi worked on his takedown defense a bit harder this time around. Gomi via TKO.

    Ishida/Bielkheden - Don't know anything about Ishida's opponent but we can assume he's being groomed to fight Gomi @ Shockwave NYE. I am becoming a huge fan of Ishida after his last two performances.

    Shinya Aoki/Clay French - DAMMIT!!! Aoki was supposed to fight Gilbert Melendez but he injured his knee. Could've been fight of the night but now I'm not so interested.

    Bustamante/Yoon Dong Sik - Not terribly excited about this match up either. Busta is gettin old and Dong has had a rough go in Pride.

    "Buscape"/Obiya - Haven't seen Buscape in action in a little while. Obiya put up quite the fight against Melendez last time around. This could be quite the fight as well.

    Mousasi/Lombard - Sleeper fight of the night. Both guys looked impressive against Gono despite the losses. Should be explosive and hard hitting!

    Minowa/Mike Barton - Yes...Minowa is fighting Bart Gunn. Enough said.

    Other fights...

    So, will this be the night for American Top Team?? I hope so.

  2. I too love Ishida. I think Filho will win the tourny, god I hope he doesn't lay n pray too much. I'm definitely looking forward to this card. I think Gomi is gonna really punish Aurelio this time. I think it will be a rough month for ATT, Aurelio, Kang, and Monson will all lose.

  3. I want Kang to win, but I'll go with Filho by decision.

    Gomi wins this time.

  4. So wait this event is actually late tonight US time, but the ppv doesn't come out until the 12th?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jas123
    So wait this event is actually late tonight US time, but the ppv doesn't come out until the 12th?
    yeah, it really sucks they put sucha delay on the PPV. a week old card is almost not worth ordering...but then Bushido 9 comes to mind and that took a month event ever.

  6. Yeah the results are in now, but I won't reveal them. The event as a whole whole had few surprises. There are some Play-by-play's on the sherdog forums that you can check if you want to see who won.

    Edit: Sherdog now has the winner on their homepage. Stay away if you don't want it spoiled.


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