New Ninja Interview and Weight Class

  1. New Ninja Interview and Weight Class

    Ninja has been playing weight class ping pong. He'll be fighting at 183 in Cage Rage.
    “Ninja” Rua Looks to Get Back on Track in the UK

    I think this will be a better weight for him. He always carried a lot of bf.

    I know Ninja has been on a losing streak, and suffered a brutal KO vs. Sergei, but he was impressive in that showing, especially considering the fact that he is definitely not a natural heavyweight.
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  2. He hasn't looked to good at 183 either. Getting controlled by Filho and then KO'd by Kang. Then again, those guys are both top 10 183/5ers. Ninja is a good fighter and I think he can work his way near the top of 183.

  3. I didnt' see either of those fights. Ninja said he could sign with the UFC. That could be cool, but some of his deadliest tactics would not be available.

  4. Yeah that Kang fight was pretty embarrasing. Ninja got front kicked and then hit with an overhand right. He turned his back and got pummeled from behind.

    I really like his brother though.

  5. He fought Mark Weir yesterday and finished him with a side choke. I didn't see the fight, but PBP had Ninja getting tagged a lot standing up, and somewhat on the brink of being defeated again. IMO Ninja is still in a slump. I don't think he's had a good fight since being destroyed by Sergei. Where's the Ninja that fought Hendo, Arona, and Sperry?

  6. I'd say Ninja also won the fight with Rampage (despite decision). He was great to watch. I'm sorry to see him in a rut.

  7. It really has to suck to be Ninja because of how good Shogun is. Granted, they are in different weight classes, but Ninja is not nearly as dominant as Shogun.


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