1. sherdog

    anyone been on their forums? I almost want to pay the 5 bucks a month to join and tell some of those jackasses how stupid they are. People ask serious questions and everyone acts like their question is below them and they are too smart to answer and you are a retard for asking. And the UFC/Pride debate is getting old over there too, there are great fighters at both org(I think Pride might be a bit more in depth) but the top fighters in both orgs are comparable. Enjoy the sport and shut the hell up and for god's sake, if you dont like someone's question then don't respond, no need to be a jerk. (If anyone has an account over there help me out and tell them they suck)

  2. I didn't know you had to pay. Sherdog somehow attracts some of the worst people roaming this earth. The latest repeated thread at Sherdog is Liddell is better then Fedor, f*cking hilarious. I mean I think Liddell is great, but come on Fedor is on another level in every aspect of the fight game. I agree with you that both orgs have great fighters. I feel what seperates them is Prides HW division, which to me is the best division in all of MMA, and UFC's HW division is very weak. You'll like it here, not much bs going on around here.

  3. i agree with the deep pool of talent at the HW level at Pride, I dont think Sylvia could stand up to any of their top 5 but he does deserve alot more credit than most people give him. I guess when it comes to Pride, you get what you pay for, sorry to say they pay WAY more than UFC, a few of the fighters only got paid $2k, thats crazy!

  4. Sherdog is like kindergarten when the teacher steps out of the room; it is the mma-version of even worse. Mods need to fix the tone over there badly. And the members must have no life whatsoever. A thread will open, and within an hour it'll be 5-6 pages long, teeming w/redundant back and forth insults from different people. Definitely makes me appreciate the mods here.

    Subfighter is a much better forum; much less "nuthugger" accusations. Sherdog's only value is the articles on the main page.

  5. Let us stop the board bashing to avoid any issues



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