Tyson Signs With Pride

  1. Tyson Signs With Pride

    I just read that Mike Tyson has signed with Pride and that he will be fighting sometime in the next couple of months. Anybody think he can win a fight?

  2. He'll probably be fed a few cans to KO if they want to build him up or be set up to get KOed by one of their stars to establish them to the US audience. He has no chance against someone decent. He hasn't even been a good boxer in a while.

  3. This is interesting. I've always been a tyson fan, but IMO if mike ain't got the heart for boxing anymore, he damn sure ain't gonna have the heart for mma. That being said, I would love to see him hit someone with the smaller gloves.
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    where did you read it at? please post a link.

  5. I do not believe he is going to fight a MMA match.

  6. He'd get his lunch handed to him. Biting an MMA fighter's ear off is only going to make him angry.

  7. I just read the entire article on sherdog.com and he's actually fighting in 10 "exhibition matches". Thats code for, "boxing matches". I dont think he's scheduled for any MMA. My bad on that one, I just saw the title and assumed it was MMA.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    He'd get his lunch handed to him.
    He certainly would. A boxer stance front leg is very much open to kicks. On top of that, single and double leg take downs are not fun when you do not know how to defend them.

  9. I doubt Tyson will ever fight a top 10 MMA fighter. Other then that happening I could care less what he does. I actually would like to see him KO Bob Sapp.

  10. i would like to see him and kinbo go at it

  11. Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing Kimbo get his head knocked off.


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