Anybody Catch Fight Science On National Geographic Channel?

  1. Anybody Catch Fight Science On National Geographic Channel?

    I saw this advertised, but I didn't see it. Has anybody seen this special and was it worth watching?

  2. I just saw it. The first 1/2 is good: BJJ, TKD, Karate, Kung Fu and boxing...and my favorite--Muay Thai The second half was brick breaking and weapons. Not really my thing, so I fast forwarded most of it. The first half was worth watching, though you probably wouldn't be surprised by the results.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Beo. I guess I'll try and DVR it if I remember. How long was it, 60 minutes?

  4. 2 hours. DVR it so you can ff the nonsense and commercials.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    DVR it so you can ff the nonsense and commercials.
    LOL. Good call. I DVR everything that I watch. I can't tell you the last time that I watched a commercial.

  6. Thanks for the link...I think I missed my chance to catch it on tv.

  7. It was entertaining, pretty much everything was as expected... Strongest punch from a boxer? What a surprise The ninja guy was an asshat though - I would like to see him get taken apart in a fight vs Rickson gracie or the Muay Thai guy.

    That bullrush the one guy did that broke all the concrete was ****ing sick, even if those guys probably wouldn't do so well in a fight vs a good NHB fighter.

  8. Bump to those that haven't seen this yet. It's on in 45 minutes on the national geographic channel.
    National Geographic Channel TV Schedule - Fight Science: Fight Science (1x60) [TV-G]
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  9. I think there is more than one of these episodes. The one I like compares weapon strikes. Another one compares different types of strikes including kicks and knees. The Muay Thai champion's knee strike was the most damaging according to their measurements.

    E****lent shows. Highly recommended.



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