MMA Schools in Houston, TX

  1. MMA Schools in Houston, TX

    Does anybody know any good mma schools in the Houston, TX area? One you guys might recommend. I have searched and found all kinds just do not know how to narrow it down, like witch ones to stay away from.(very unfamiliar with mma)


  2. revolution dojo

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Pit Bull
    revolution dojo
    Great thanks, I will check it out. Just out of curiousity, how do you know? Have you or somebody you know trained there?
    Thanks again, and if you have anymore feedback and want to share that would be cool.

  4. I meant to write this earlier, I just saw who the coaches are so that answers alot of my questions. Nothing left but to go check it out in person.

    Thanks again.

  5. no prob bro

  6. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Thanks for the link, I had no idea there were so many options. Looks like there are some good schools really close to me. I have family in Dripping Springs I go there alot to hang out and ride motorcycles and there is a Carlson Gracie school there and I had no idea. Again I appreciate the link I have got to get better at this searching thing.


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