Chuck's sub defense?

  1. Chuck's sub defense?

    How good is Chuck's sub defense? I know he doesn't have to use it often since his takedown defense and ability to stand up after being taken down are topnotch. But if someone can take him down and keep him there, is he "sub-able"? I was thinking of both Babalu and Silva here(not that I want to see a ground war with Silva....). Silva also had a decent armbar attempt on Hunt after the big knockdown. Could he pull this off against Chuck in a similar situation?

    Also here's an interview with Chuck where he says he doesn't think Silva will make it out of the first round of the OWGP finals:

    UFC's Chuck Liddell's popularity is constantly on the rise. Fans are being enticed by Chuck Liddell's next fight on August 26 against Renato Sobral. The fight is a rematch, but is not the only fight on the mind of fans. If Liddell wins the rematch, his next fight could prove to be the biggest fight in UFC history. If Liddell defeats the very tough Sobral, then fans can anticipate his next match to be against PRIDE's Wanderlei Silva.

    The now the question remains, is Liddell looking past Sobral to Wanderlei? Well fans just might be, but Liddell is not.

    In an interview conducted by Jose Hernandez of Sun Media, Liddell told the paper in regards to Silva: "I'm not counting on that fight even happening yet." It sounds like Liddell is not looking past Sorbal, however Liddell had some tough words about Silva.

    Liddell tells the Sun Media: "I don't think Wanderlei will make it out of the first round."

    Liddell told Sun Media he doesn't plan on changing much for Sorbal, telling the paper: "I don't change what I do very much, I may work a little more ground for him. I throw punches any way I can. I just try to put my hands on people."

  2. If theres one person in the UFC LHW div that can test Chuck's sub-defense its Babalu!

  3. Chuck doesn't have to worry about being subbed so much as he has to worry about getting mounted. In the couture and jackson fights chuck lost because he got mounted, and he wasn't able to handle himself from that position. If chuck improves his mount escape abilities he'll be in much better position.

    That being said, I think chuck has some issues with really aggressive strikers, which doesn't bode super well for his fight with wanderlei. Luckily for chuck, he's super tough and he's a really powerful puncher, but I wouldn't want to rely on that versus someone of wand's skill.

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