Diego vs Karo.

  1. Diego vs Karo.

    Anyone else excited about this fight? I'm pretty interested to see how Diego fairs against Karo. Diego's ground game is great and he is super agressive, but I'm wondering if Karo's unorthodox style will prevail in the end.I love watching both fighters and can't wait to watch this fight. If it goes to decision I think Diego will take it, if not I have no clue who is going to win.

  2. I like both these guys too...really looking forward to the 17th....I still can't believe that these fights are on free TV....awesome!...I shell out the $40 (Cdn.) each time a PPV event is on but, although my wife's a fan too, she's getting a bit tired of spending this kind of money every month or two...nice to have Spike bring us a free event once in a while...

  3. I'm gunning for Karo to win, him and i have a very similar style of submission wrestling.(no gi judo+old school wrestling)

    Very much looking forword to this!

  4. I really hope Karo wins but he seems to have a lot of trouble against strong wrestlers.

  5. The HEAT!

  6. Karo by decision. Great match for free Tv.

  7. I thought Diaz was going to beat Diego. He's tougher then I thought. This could go either way.

  8. When is this fight???? This should be awesome. Both fighters always bring it when in the ring.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mp5man1
    I thought Diaz was going to beat Diego. He's tougher then I thought. This could go either way.
    So did I. I think Diaz is the better all-around fighter but Sanchez's aggression got him the points even though he was gassed by the third. Another round and I think Diaz would have had it.

    I see a similar fight happening with Karo. Karo will have to sub/KO sanchez or probably lose a decision to his aggressive style. I really would like to see Karo win, Sanchez is a talented fighter but I think he's loopy and lacking in the grey-matter dept.

  10. Well, I am sure everyone knows how this turned out. I really wanted KARO to win, I seriously think diego is "special".


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