Poll: UFC 61: Sylvia vs. Arlovski

Who Will Win the Rematch: Sylvia vs. Arlovski

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  1. ...and I meant to mention that even Hunt thought Silva beat him.

    After Hunt landed the Atomic Butt Drop on a grounded Silva, Silva immediately gained dominant position; he might have even gotten the mount. Not quite of Fedor-slammed-by-Randleman-esque proportions, but definitely headed in that realm of amazing.

  2. Personally I couldnt care less when Sylvia fights next. I'm not really a fan of the current heavyweight division simply due to the size disproportionality. I would sooner watch Arlovski in non-title fights against similar sized opponents.

    IMO Sylvia worked his way up the UFC HW ladder using his size as a prop for his sub-par skills. Since his original meeting with Arlovski he has been purposely built to beat that particular opponent. Unless the UFC can scrape up some more genetic singularities I think we will just see a bunch of Sylvia jab, straight, and stuff take down snooze-fests against shorter opponents.

    Time for a super HW division...



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