xyience commercials

  1. xyience commercials

    although they get to be a little much at times at least they make it entertaining

    XYIENCE ~ Xtreme Science

  2. Entertaining, yes...but I have to say that actually laughed out loud the first time that I saw that commercial...definitely an example of sex sells.

  3. me likes that commercial

  4. I'd use an actual woman who personified fitness rather than thin. Hell get Mab on that

  5. hell i bought a case after i saw that commercial its now collecting dust in my closet, man what a sucker i am

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    I'll buy that case from you, bman, if Tim Sylvia gives it his endorsement, then I'll know for sure that's it's the best.

    Tim Sylvia dancing in a thong, now that's what I'm talkin about, yeah, baby.
    That is the most disturbing thing I accidently imagined while reading your post...

  7. If they ran those commercials back to back and made them a infomercial it could be a new show.

    This could be beter then the Girls Gone Wild infomercial

  8. Ooooo, she is a spicy jalapeno.


  9. lmfao...I love em..I must admit there not any better then any other supp I've taken. I love the damn boxes and cases they come in.


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