Overeem beat Belfort

  1. Overeem beat Belfort

    Round 1

    Belfort lands the first punch of the fight with a nice left hook. Another left hook as Overeem launches the flying knee. Overrem is knocked off target. Belfort catches a knee and slams Overeem to the mat and takes his back. Overeem turns into him and Belfort is mounted. Overeem gets his guard back but Belfort has him pinned against the cage. Overeem has good hand control and Belfort cant land any strikes. Referee Schorle stands the fighters back up. Looking tired, Belfort drops to guard with about a minute left in the round after an exchange with Overeem. listair follows him to the ground and tries to strike withing his guard. Belfort defends well and the round comes to a close. Sherdog.com scores the first round for Vitor Belfort 10-9.

    Round 2

    Belfort opens the second frame by ducking an Overeem flurry and planting him on the mat with a body lock takedown. Belfort is grazed by an upkick and Overeem is able to get back up. They clinch along the cage with Overeen kneeing to the midsection. Belfort grimaces and referee Schorle steps in to allow him to recover. He needs only a few seconds and the fight is back on. Overeem scores a takedown of his own with Belfort offering little resistance. But lack of action again prompts the referee to stand it back up. And once again, off an exchange, a weary looking Belfort does little to fend off teh Overeem takedown. Once again they are restarted, this time Belfort lands a good right hook before pulling guard. Belfort sweeps Overeem and has his head pressed up against the cage. With 10 seconds left, Overeem only has to control Belforts hands and he does until the horn blares out the end of the period. Sherdog.com scores the close round 10-9 for Overeem.

    Round 3

    Overeem lands a nice high kick to the side of Belfort's head but it did not land solidly. Belfort clinches and lands a big knee to the midsection of Overeem. Overeem backs out and lands a good punch and elbow combination that has Belfort pulling guard. Once again, the referee stands them up only to see Belfort pull guard again. The crowd is getting restless and some begin the exodus out of the arena as the same scenario plays out over and over. Belfort sweeps Overeem once again with less than 30 seconds left and punches away, trying to steal the round. The crowd showers the arena with boos as they head out to the parking lot. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for Overeem and the fight 29-28 for "The Demolition Man" as well. Alistair Overeem def. Vitor Belfort unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

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  2. here are the rest of the results for Strikeforce Revenge and some play by play

    Strikeforce &quot;Revenge&quot; Play-by-Play <br>Presented by Sprawl Fight Short Company

  3. Good to see that Cung Le won again. He is really fun to watch in San Shou matches.

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