Poll: Who's going to win at UFC 61?

Ortiz Vs. Shamrock, Who's going to win?

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  1. Good thinking, the crack defense could be his only chance.

    Of course he did beat Tito at pool.

  2. TUF 3 shows no indication of either fighter's skills. The show is meant to make money so they contrasted both fighters immensely to make it a good show. Shamrock was just made to look bad and Ortiz made to look good because it is the opposite of what was expected.

    Training also doesnt have much effect on the fighters themselves. Some were lazy on Shamrocks team, and Tait should have won his matchup. SO you cant judge them based on TUF.

    Shamrock had a neck injury AND a torn ACL fighting Tito the first time around. He lost because he tripped against Rick Franklin. It was a fight he was doing well in until he fell of course. He knocked out Kimo, who is a well versed fighter as well. The Sakuraba fight was controversial because he DID get back up.

    Tito is not as badly injured as Shamrock. THis is true because first Tito wanted to pull out and then he found out that his injury wasnt that serious so he decided to stay. Ortiz has good conditioning, but who is to say that SHamrock doesnt ahve? Everyone bases conditioning on the fight Shamrock had against Fujita, but that fight was whilst he was injured, and right after he came back from the WWF. He was definetly rusty for that one. For this fight, SHamrock is ready, as is Ortiz. Shamrock changed his fighters up and is training with new people as well. THis fight can go either way, and nothing can change that.

  3. That's true you really never know for sure until the fights over.

  4. Btw this is ken's retirement fight from a source that trained with a trainning partner of shamrock(reliable source)

    Basically he said from what i gathered that (threw his relationship with ken) i don't want to note due to the fact it could possiblily lead back to my friend(which probably won't care) But anyhow, The reason he's slacking on the show is because this is his retirement fight and he's more focused then ever to go out on a win vs tito, as f-d as that seems to me that he would let his team mates down like that. Thats how it is, one last big payday before retirement.

    Dr liftalot

  5. I agree with you. I think the only reason he even stuck around is because he wants revenge on Tito. You see, he squashed beef with Frye and Ortiz is the only one he hates left.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Snipervirus
    he squashed beef with Frye
    That was a fight.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by size
    That was a fight.
    And a hell of a fight too. Shamrock broke both of Frye's ankles.

  8. I thought he had that decision made, but it was an amazing thing to watch. Shamrock, oh man, we havent seen the last of him. Even if he retires, he is going to keep promoting this sport till he dies.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja
    And a hell of a fight too. Shamrock broke both of Frye's ankles.
    Thatís amazing. Frye was still standing after the fight looking mean as ever.

  10. Damn, I don't think I've seen this fight. What venue was it from?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas
    Damn, I don't think I've seen this fight. What venue was it from?
    It was in Pride in 2002.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by size
    It was in Pride in 2002.
    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gf_HCrYDdI"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  13. Quote Originally Posted by BingeAndPurge
    I found it in its entirety...can you say BRAWL! Went to a split decision, heh.

    Shamrock's face didn't look much better in that one than it did after his fight with Tito.

  14. I still think Tito will pull it off but I dont think it's going to be easy. Shamrock is putting his life into this fight.

  15. I can't wait to see the stare down...

  16. I think there is a question if the fight will actually happen on schedule.

  17. [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IosPHUrOKI&mode=relat ed&search="]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  18. Shamrock has a punchers chance and that is it. I do not like Tito but he should win pretty easily. Shamrock is just too old, and slow. In his prime I think Shamrock would have beaten him up but that was a long time ago

  19. Damn, I just saw a replay of the first Ortiz vs. Shamrock. Ken looked like the elephant man by the end. He did not seem even remotely on top of his game. He did nothing from the ground. I hope he's been training his ground game, b/c as Ken so eloquently told a couple of his TUF competitors, "Your ground game sucks!"


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