Miletech Returns

  1. Miletech Returns

    It seems as though the old guard is returning to the fighting scene.

    “The Croatian Sensation,” Pat Miletich, returns to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition after a four-year absence to take on Renzo Gracie in the International Fight League (IFL). Miletich spoke with MMAWeekly over the weekend about his return to combat.

    This year has seen the return of several MMA legends. Frank Shamrock fought for the Strikeforce promotion in March. Bas Rutten will be fighting in the World Fighting Alliance (WFA) in July. Royce Gracie returned to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Keith Hackney is rumored to have been cast on season four of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Now, Pat Miletich will make his return in the IFL.

    It’s been rumored for some time that Miletich was going to fight again. We just didn’t know when, where, or against whom. Bas Rutten let the cat out of the bag on MMAWeekly Radio and Pat Miletich confirmed it to MMAWeekly over the weekend.

    Pat Miletich told MMAWeekly, “Renzo and I are going to fight. I think they’re going to be making the announcement on the IFL June third, where it’s going to be and what date. We’re excited. Renzo and I get along very well. We’ve known each other for a lot of years. But we recognize we can have a lot of fun, put on a good show for the crowd, make some money at the same time, and help the IFL along. It’s very exciting.”

    Miletich is a legend inside and outside the ring. He trains the UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes, the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Tim Sylvia, Jens Pulver, Jeremy Horn, Robbie Lawler, Jason Black, Spencer Fisher, Tony Fryklund, Sam Hoger, and Mike Whitehead, just to name a few.

    Miletich has a 28-6-2 professional MMA record including winning the UFC Lightweight Tournament at UFC 16: “Battle in the Bayou.” Miletich went on to become the first UFC Lightweight (under 170lbs.) Champion by defeating Mikey Burnett at UFC: “Ultimate Brazil.” The weight class was changed to the welterweight division in 2001. After losing the UFC welterweight title to Carlos Newton at UFC 31: “Locked and Loaded,” Pat moved up to the middleweight division. He last competed in MMA at UFC 36: “Worlds Collide” in a losing effort against Matt “The Law” Lindland. Miletich hasn’t fought since March of 2002.

  2. Very cool.

    Seems that this could be the big trigger for the IFL to take off as well.

  3. I guess there is a Miletich Camp vs. Gracie theme starting.

  4. Does everyone in the Miletich camp train in Davenport, Iowa?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Moyer
    Does everyone in the Miletich camp train in Davenport, Iowa?
    Yes, that is where the actual "camp" is located. Not everyone trains there all year long though.

  6. There is one kick ass bar in Davenport where there is a toughman style ring event.

    Or at least there was...something named stars and stripes or something like that...has a bowling alley too.

    Straight up the coolest bar I've ever been too.

    I believe that they had MMA style fights as well.

  7. Cool. I live about 2-3hrs from Davenport.


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