Anyone near Pensacola?

  1. Anyone near Pensacola?

    I was just trying to find a BJJ school or a variant of JJ in or around Pensacola, Florida. I don't have any previous experience with MMA but I'd like to check some different stuff out as a good healthy hobby.

  2. Good luck finding a school. Be careful though as some schools are much more aggressive in training than others.

  3. I'm in Pensacola. The best in town is probably Pensacola Boxing Academy. They've recently expanded to having Jiu-jitsu classes (gi and no gi) with their boxing and an invitation only MMA class. $95/month buys you all the jiu-jitsu classes you can attend in a month. Drop me an email at [email protected]. I need a partner if I'm ever going to get any better.

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