video of 2 MMA fighters getting their legs broke

  1. video of 2 MMA fighters getting their legs broke

  2. omfg......that almost made me so much the legs being broken...just how they bend and twist when they try and step down on them.......aaaaaack

  3. Quote Originally Posted by goes4ever

    Woa they must kick pretty damn hard. I remember as a teen being stupid and falling down a deep well hitting my leg on a water pump and all that happened was it got sprained. Not to mention being "lightly" hit a car a month ago and walking away from that (well I did pull my right trap from denting the car in afterwards as he sped off). I can't imagine the power in those kicks...Im nauseous now thanks

  4. I broke my leg like that. (not from a kick thank god ).. Your body goeas into shock. I was looking at my leg and my knee was going one way and my foot the other, the worst is looking at the bone sticking out.

  5. OMG. So many disturbing images being burned into my brain now. Thanks.

  6. I've seen it before; I can't stomach seeing it again. I'm seeing it in my mind as I write this.

    Could that be fake? It looks fake, but it could just be so absurd that it looks fake.

  7. That brings back nightmares for me. About a year and a half ago I was playing basketball and went to jump up and my patellar tendon ruptured. When I hit the ground my kneecap was on the side of my knee. This totally screwed up all of the MMA and BJJ progress that I made. I was in a full leg cast for 10 weeks and when the cast came off my leg was half of it's normal size. Anytime you sustain this type of injury getting your strength, coordination and flexability back takes a long time.

    Anyways, I am just now getting my pre-injury status back. I started training BJJ and MMA again. My doctor told me that I can resume my pre-injury activities and I'm actually starting to hang once again in training.

    The hardest thing about this type of injury is that it really messes with you MENTALLY. This whole thing made me realize that your physical ability can be taken away at any time. I got a small taste of what its like to be disabled and I never want to experience that again.

    Anyways, I'm now injury free (knock on wood) and back at it. Train safe and cherish that you are able to train.

  8. holy ****!!!!!!! thats as bad as Joe Theisman's(sp) broken leg if not worst.

  9. LOL, I'm lucky to have my broken leg fight on video. Well, maybe not so lucky. I should see if I can post it up. It's on VHS though. Just got done with surgery number three a few months back. It's definitely NOT a fun ordeal.

  10. Daaahhh, I'll never kick anything again.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Alexander
    Daaahhh, I'll never kick anything again.


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