You might be an MMA fan if...

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    You might be an MMA fan if...

    -when asked you favorite sexual position, you say "back mount."
    -you have a vehy distinctive speech impediment that makes you sound like you're hetarded, and it heally pisses evehybody off.
    -it's not "Smoking/non-smoking", it's "gi/no-gi."
    -you didn't stand up to collect your high school diploma till you heard you're entrance music.
    -you splice all your sex tapes together and call it a "highlight video."
    -you've actually asked somebody "would you rather be g'n'pd by Fedor or high kicked by CroCop?"
    -you CANNOT STAND boxing anymore!
    -you look at The Rock and mutter "*****..."
    -your most hated movie is Craddle 2 The Grave.
    -you think Tae Kwon Do is a ***** style.
    -when filling a job application, you list "can break an arm in six different places" as a skill you possess.
    -when you insult somebody, you call him a "dinky-**** Joe Son nuthugger!"
    -when asked what you like most about your body, you answer "my elbows, my knees and my heels."
    -you just bought your girlfriend a t-top and g-string from TapOut!
    -when someone mentions "ounces", you think of leather.
    -before going into a hard final, you write an R on the back of your hands.
    -when you beat somebody at pool, you do the gravedigger jig.
    -you call your bed "the octagon."
    -you think Rolls Royce is a Brazillian car manufacturer.
    -Sims is not a computer game, but an *******.
    -you saw an Abbot and Costello movie thinking it'd be a long lost Tank fight.
    -you shave your head because long hair is a disadvantage.
    -you insist people call you the"Skagen Havns Bad Ass."
    -you don't hit on girls, you "shoot for the takedown."
    -Tito is a mixed martial artist, not a boxer.
    -you actually contribute to this list.

    more to read here:

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    This one is from the link above, but it was the only that really made me laugh out loud:

    your girlfriend has gotten seriously iritated b/c you tried to show her a new footlock

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