UFC results -- Someone update this

  1. UFC results -- Someone update this

    Know the ppv doesn't come on til 10(est) but figured I go ahead and ask someone who is watching it tonite to keep us updated on who is winning!

  2. GSP Over Penn
    Franklin still is the champ.

    I didn't get to see the last couple of fights, my wife put me in a kimura and I tapped and had to take her home...

  3. lol i made the mistake of showing my wife wristlocks and come a longs, now she uses them to get me out of the tools section at JC pennys

  4. were you an MSG 2fast? learned that **** in MSG school myself but that was before the USMC started the martial arts program. getsum27

  5. Nope, we learned it in the 2nd SRIG, then revised when they got the MCMAP program online

  6. Results:
    - Tom Murphy defeats Icho Larenas at 1:59 of Rd 3 by TKO ref stoppage
    - Jason Lambert defeats Rob McDonald at 1:54 of Rd 1 by Kimura
    - Sam Stout defeats Spencer Fisher by split decision

    - Mark Hominick defeats Yves Edwards by triangle choke at 1:53 of Rd 2
    - Nathan Marquardt defests Joe Doerksen by unanimous decision
    - Georges St. Pierre defeats BJ Penn by split decision
    - Mike Swick defeats Steve Vigneault by Guillotine choke at 2:09 of Rd 1.
    - Rich Franklin defeats David Loiseau to retain his UFC Middleweight title by unanimous decision

  7. Nobody in his class is going to beat Franklin for a long, long time.


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