Shogun vs. The Hammer

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  1. I did'nt say Hammer House could take Chute Box, I said I hoped, big difference.

    I'll always root for the Underdog, particularly if they are American.

    Here's how I see it - if Mark Coleman had gotten away from Buckeye Hammer House years ago and broadened his skill set with another team, had learned that Ferocity and GNP with insufficent stamina and poor sub defense are not enough to win at the top level, there's no telling where he could have been today.

    He has the wrong frame and I doubt he's limber emough to be a good boxer, but with the right training and stamina he could have been twice the dirty boxer of Couture and twice the GNP machine of Tito Ortiz. You don't neccesarily have to be a Big Nog Level Sub Master if you are an ultra smashing machine that does'nt gas.

    Time machine Coleman back to the when he left UFC for Pride and give him to Team Millitech or Team Quest and who knows how his fight with Cro Cop and Fedor would have gone.

    How Knows about what could have been,missed opportunities, today the Hammer is long in the tooth, but if he does get real in his training and diet and stays pissed off he still has the ability to end a fight quickly with his old school ways. Coleman gets the right angle on Shogun and he could neck crank him or pound him into next week.

  2. Coleman's not done by any means, but I think he was a little TOO excited to tell everyone that the freak accident "was no accident".

  3. i think u hope too much,, and your imagination goes a little bit too far Rogue,, let's keep it real,, Coleman has been in the game for so many years,, never surprised me much with his fighting style,, all he knows is to take people down and pound them,, (that's what he tries),, bottom line is that Coleman isn't a great fighter at all,, shouldn't be fighting shogun in my opinion,, they are not in the same level,, shogun should be fighting someone like cro-cop,, you know,, someone with a better record

  4. Coleman will get killed by Wanderlei, his fluke win over Shogun is buying the old guy time. Coleman can take Wanderlei down like once then he'll gas and get knocked out when they stand it up.

  5. Silva definately takes out Coleman easy. Coleman and endurance are like 7-up and caffiene -- never had it, never will.


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