mma training?

  1. mma training?

    I was wondering if anyone could kindly point me in a direction of what kind of strength/weight training is most beneficial for martial arts? also what do y think is the optimum ratio of muscle to height with regards to speed and agility in MMA?

    Currently I've just been doing normal weight lifting. (Creatine/no gear)
    No active formal training. just self training/practice of what I already know. (Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, BJJ, Some WC/JKD)
    my other cardio consists of doing bboying/dance stuff along the lines of "You got served" cuz Im in some kind of dance competition. (yeah yeah, I know. It gets the chicas though and has improved my coordination/balance tenfold.)

    I'm waver between 145 - 151 and I'm 5'6" (pretty cut)

    How much more weight hould I get before it's "too much"
    also, as I'm 21. I've read all the gear threads and SD threads.
    Would it be best to wait until I x-ray to see if my growth plates close? or is significant height growth still possible.

  2. Check out the video training for warriors at it's awesome.
    I even got a hand written note from the guy who made the video and wrote the book when I ordered.

    As far as you still growing it's not too likely. I think I was still growing a little at 21 but not much I'm like 6'3 though.

  3. If you were serious about MMA, bulk up to 162-165 that way you could cut down to 155 (mma LW) and take up some boxing or muy thai to go with the bjj. As far as the weight training goes, lots and lots of core exercises.

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