Has Royce changed things?

  1. Has Royce changed things?

    Has Royce pulled in a lot more casual viewers who probably wouldn't buy ppv's in the past?

    It certainly looks that way from the number of posts in this forum.

  2. I dont know about a casual viewer of MMA since it is such a niche sport. Most people know famous boxers but ask most to name a current UFC champ and they will not know. I think what Royce's return does however is to show the evolution of MMA. When the UFC first started, there were no weight classes and BJJ was relatively unheard of. Matt Hughes is probably the greatest welterweight of this generation and by having him fight Royce, it will show how much the UFC has changed.

  3. Are you talking about this upcoming fight, or the early UFC's? I think the UFC as a whole is working on this. It pisses me off when they replay fights that are years old on Spike and guys come into work believing they saw the fight live only further proving their ignorance of the sport. These same people do not know a single fighter in Pride and think Arlovski is the greatest thing since toilet paper. Some poeple still think BJJ is the end all be all of martial arts and haven't evolved with the MMA concept because they really aren't "fans." Remember, I'm talking about the folks just now coming into the mix after the initial hayday of the 90's.

    Anyway, back to your original thought. I think the easiest way to answer it is to ask these folks to name a handful of Gracies that are not named Royce and they will not be able to do it without, what I would think to be, some general knowledge of the sport, and I do mean basic knowledge. It's like knowing who fights for what team. These new fans cannot do these things. Granted, even I only recently got heavy into Pride a year or so ago, but as even a casual student of the sport, I immersed myself into it to learn as much as I could with every means I have available.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BingeAndPurge
    Are you talking about this upcoming fight, or the early UFC's? I think the UFC as a whole is working on this. ......
    I'm just curious in the amount of buzz Royce is generating for the UFC. I think he's worth a whole TUF alone.

  5. I hope he has learned how to strike.....for his sake!
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  6. I saw on the local news that Royce is currently teaching self-defense techniques to Illinois cops for a few days. Seems a little odd. Shouldn't he be training for the Hughs fight?

  7. He can spare a few days. His match is in May.

  8. Royce, caused me to take up BJJ, watching him manhandle larger guys back in the day was amazing. But its a diff sport now. The fight is already geared towards hughes with the non allowance of gi or gi pants. IMO hughes is going to with this without a problem (ref stoppage due to strikes), the only saving grace royce has is that hughes is susseptable to subs and leaves himself open at times. Either way the Iowa boy is going to lose against the winner of BJ Penn vs. GSP.


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