So far this is the card:
    Fedor vs. Zuluzhino(non-title fight)
    Ogawa vs. Yoshida
    Nakamura vs. Kondo
    Kikuta vs Takimoto
    Vanderlei vs. Arona(MW title fight)
    Gomi vs. Sakurai(LW title fight)
    Hendo vs. Busta(WW title fight)
    Crocop vs. Mark Hunt
    There is one more fight confirmed that I can't remember. I'll look it up and post it. Either way Pride has done it again, unbelievable card. I mean Fedor's fight is a joke, but it'll be great just to see him in action. All these title fights, Cro vs Hunt. I don't know if all you guys have seen Cro vs. Hunt in K-1, but WOW. There will probably be 1 or 2 more fights added. I can't wait!! Lemme know what you guys think.

  2. Yea I can't wait for it too! I am most excited for Sakurai vs. Gomi. And like you said it will be exciting to see Fedor fight as well.

  3. Its a very good card.
    Zulu is in over his head. I would've preferred to see Alex knock his teeth out.

  4. This looks like a great card. The Wand vs. Arona fight should be interesting. I dont think there should be a seperate belt for winning the grand prix, because now its like there are two mw champions. I would really like to know who would win between shogun and wand, but of course this isnt going to happen.

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